Thursday, September 12, 2013

Maya Sue

I have been meaning to post for almost 3 weeks, but I kept finding excuses.... the biggest one being, exhaustion! Things are going very well. Maya is so easy, but I'm tired. Ellie has been having a real hard time. She isn't really jealous and LOVES her new baby sister, but she really is clingy and needs me ALL the time. This is exhausting for me. It literally sucks whatever energy I have left out of my tired mind and body. I know that this is a really big adjustment for her as she is no longer #1, but we have been trying very hard to make her feel like she is important. I've been spending more one on one time with her, picking and dropping her off at school, etc. She has had a few nightmares waking up crying, screaming "I need you Mommy!" She is constantly saying "Mommy, I need you. My love you a lot." It is so sweet, but then there are the times when she is literally attached to me and then Jack follows and copies, so then I have 2 kids hanging on me while I try to feed or change Maya. 

The Birth of Maya Sue:
Things went as planned. I went to the hospital at about 1pm after getting a pedicure and eating a bagel by myself at Panera. It was nice. My c-section was scheduled for 4pm on 8/27. They almost pushed it back because I had a Caramel Macchiatto from Starbucks before. I thought I could drink whatever, but not eat. The anesthesiologist was not happy. I guess the milk in the ice coffee could curdle and if they had to put me out, I could choke if I puked. Anyways... I convinced him that I wouldn't puke and that I didn't drink that much.

So they started to prep me at 3 with an IV, doing blood, etc. The spinal shot wasn't too bad, but still hurts. I wasn't totally numb when she put the catheder in, so that wasn't cool. Since my doctor was on vacation, I had Dr. Amy. She was awesome, except when they pulled Maya out, it felt like a huge vacuum and so much pressure in my chest. It almost was like Maya kicked me with both legs in the lungs and knocked the wind out of me. I was nauseous during the surgery, but I didn't throw up. 
Maya finally arrived at 4:33pm. She didn't cry right away, but it was probably only about 40 seconds. When you are laying on the table and you can't see anything, 1 second seems long! Nick took the pictures of Maya in the OR and did a great job. I wish it was video, but they won't let you do that for a c-section. They actually don't really want Nick looking at the surgery either, but he got some peeks! We stayed from Tuesday until Friday. The nurses were great and took Maya for part of the night every night, which allowed Nick and I to get some rest. The day after Maya was born, Nick had to go to Chicago, so his parents came to the hospital all day and hung out with me and her. It was nice as I still didn't really get out of bed yet. I'm finally starting to feel a little more like myself. I'm still really sore and the right side of my incision is really tender. I don't think it's infected, but it just doesn't feel right, maybe the scar tissue is worse there. Below are pictures from the days in the hospital. I will try to post some more current pictures soon!