Monday, April 29, 2013

Last day...

I can't believe today is my last day at MGIC. It's very surreal. My co-workers threw me an after work party last week and yesterday they gave me a bunch of MGIC goodies and a beautiful orchid for my new desk. I'm going to miss so many friends. I'm going to miss driving to and from work with Wendi, Starbucks being a walk away, the gossip, the cafeteria, a (few) co-workers, and just the thought that I knew exactly what I was doing. With this new job brings new knowledge, new people and unknown things. I've never been so excited and so scared. Well, actually when I had Jack and Ellie I had these mixed feelings and this new baby will be the same. I have a few days off and the weekend to breathe, shop, clean and get mentally prepared. Monday is the big day!

Weekend recap

I'm loving this weather, but I think I spoke to soon last week. My hands and feet are a little swollen. It may be from the weather or it may be just because this is when my body feels like swelling. I haven't needed to take off my rings yet, but maybe soon :( I had to take them off with the last two pregnancies so I'm sure this won't be any different. This weekend was so perfect. My ideal weather is sunny and 70! This weather gave me the burst of energy I needed to start cleaning the upstairs closets and rooms to get Jack's new room ready. Of course Nick and the kids helped. We opened the windows and jumped right in. So, what we did was cleaned out the closet that contains some of my dress clothes, wedding dress box and all of my craft and paper stuff. I convinced Nick that I needed to keep a little area for myself because there just isn't any room in the house. He then got rid of a lot of his work things (papers, binders, medical products, etc.) and moved the rest in "our" closet. This room will now be Nick's office. The 'old' office will be Jack's room. This room is connected to the bathroom too. The next step is to move all the furniture to be stored in the basement. It's my old twin bed, full dresser with mirror and tall dresser. 

I'm super excited to go shopping this week to find some furniture for Jack's new room and maybe Ellie's. She's getting a new bed for sure, but I'm not sure what I'll do about a dresser for Jack yet. We also have to get some closet organizers for Jack's new closet. It's made up of basic shelves and rods that are really positioned awkwardly. I need to add drawers and shelving that can be used for a little boy.

On Saturday, my mom and I took Ellie to Japanese school. It was really fun as Ellie is starting to open up a little. I made her go to the front of the class a few times and she was so embarrassed but proud of herself. She's already picking up words!

We played outside after cleaning the upstairs and just didn't have time for a nap....

...well actually right before we were leaving to go eat dinner by Wendi and Nick's, this is what happened in a matter of minutes. We let them sleep for about 20 minutes before leaving. I guess this is what nice weather and no nap equals!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Half way

So, I'm over half way through now. I'll be 22 weeks! It has gone kind of fast. This last weekend is when I really started to feel pregnant. I've got the waddle down now and I find it harder to breathe as baby crowds my lungs. I feel kicking all day long and enjoying it. It's not the 'hurting' kicking, so it's nice to feel the baby move. I haven't really been swelling, so I'm happy about that. With Ellie I was already swollen and couldn't put my rings on.  We've come up with a name, but not sharing. I actually have 2 names in mind, but Nick prefers one over the other. The more I think about it, the more I want the one he isn't too excited about. He doesn't really want to tell anyone the names, but I think we should have a voting contest! Maybe I can convince him:) 

 I have another ultrasound on Monday to check my placenta and cervix and I will be starting those shots soon too. Our insurance is kind of in limbo right now, since I'm switching jobs. It's a pain! Only 2 more days of work and then I'm off for 3 days and then start my new job. I'm excited, but find my self loosing sleep because I'm a little stressed and anxious. Retail therapy next week will help. I'm excited to spend the day shopping with Wendi and doing whatever we want!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I have to buy this


l look at a lot of blogs and websites, mostly about design or kids stuff. I came across these awesome swaddle blankets. I LOVE the Aden + Anais brand and now they have it in a Hello Kitty pattern. Since I'm having a girl, I think I have to buy these and it's a limited edition, meaning they might be unavailable later! It will be the first new purchase for the baby :)

Child Mode has an article about them! --> Click here

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ellie and her glasses

Last night Ellie had her eye check up. She did so well and can see really well! Even better than me when we were doing the long-distance vision test. They had to dialate her eyes to check her prescription. It increased a little, but the doctor explained that it isn't a set back, but normal until she's about 6. It's sort of like a shoe size increasing. She said that either she'll grow out of it, it will level off or if she gets my far sighted gene, it could even out with her near sighted gene. Since insurance covers most of her frames and lenses, I decided to order a new pair. Otherwise she'd be without them for a couple weeks. I got the same purple ones, so she probably won't even notice. Her eye is getting better and I rarely see any crookedness when she's not wearing her glasses. When she's wearing them, it's never crooked. I'm so happy with the results and that we don't have to do surgery. We still get a lot of questions from other little kids asking why she has to wear them and if they are 'real'. I haven't been asked by an adult if they are real in a long time. It's amazing that some people think that parents would put fake glasses on a toddler. Seriously.  

Remember how little she was when she first got them!? She was only 1 1/2! I can't imagine Jack wearing glasses now. Luckily his vision is good so far :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend recap

We had such a great weekend, but of course it went too fast. Friday was our last night of bowling until the fall. It's crazy to think by then I'll have another baby. Saturday, my mom and I took Ellie to Japanese school. I've been meaning to check it out for awhile, but I could never get a hold of someone to get more details. I knew the address, so we just headed there in the morning. We missed the music part of it (which Ellie would love), but we got to sit in on the language part. Each is an hour and it is every Saturday. I definitely needed my mom there since I can't speak Japanese. The rule is to only speak Japanese there. Most of the kids are either a quarter Japanese like Ellie or full Japanese. It was really fun. I can't wait to go back next Saturday.
Nick feeding baby Silas

Breakfast at Panera

Jack is an expert Egg collector

 It was Wendi and Nick's anniversary, so Saturday night we watched Silas. He's a good little boy and is so entertained by Ellie and Jack. Sunday we had an early breakfast at Panera and then did some shopping and got some new school supplies for Ellie. In the afternoon we had another Easter Egg Hunt in our subdivision. Although the sun was out is was really cold and breezy. I can't wait to go outside without a jacket! I know I'm wishing for warm weather now, but I think I'll be pretty uncomfortable when it's hot out. I guess I'll be grateful for AC! I'm just over half way there and I've been feeling pretty good. Although I really felt pregnant this weekend. I had to bust out the maternity undies and bought myself some new comfy pajamas. I need to get my butt in gear and start organizing closets and get Jack's new room ready to paint. We'll be moving him upstairs this summer, so he can adjust before the new baby takes his room. His sleeping habits have been kind of bad lately. We have allowed him to sit with us on the couch or in our room and watch tv for a little bit. Last night we tried to break this, but after a half hour of crying we gave in. I hope this is a phase because once he's upstairs and in bed there will be no coming downstairs! haha!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New beginnings

Yesterday was an emotional day filled with excitement, happiness, fear and sadness. I've worked at MGIC for 12 years. In these 12 years I've graduated from college, got engaged, married the love of my life, built our first home, adopted our first puppy, had 2 babies, conceived another baby, taught Web Design at a Technical College and created life long friends. Today I resigned to take on a new endeavor as a Web Applications Manager at a fast growing company less than 15 minutes from my home. I wasn't necessarily looking for anything at this moment (let's be honest, who's going to hire a pregnant girl?) but I have to say it was flattering to be sought out. I've been contacted by recruiters before, but I felt that this was different and I was curious. After the first interview I had a good feeling about it. After a few more meetings, the next thing I knew I was accepting an offer I couldn't refuse and putting in my two weeks. I can't explain the mixed feelings I have and maybe I'm more emotional because I'm pregnant. I just know this is right and I have to give it a try. I will have a few days off before I start but they want me ASAP since I will be on maternity leave. I'm grateful for everything that I've learned and all of the friends I've made. I'm excited to start my new job and to meet new people. Wish me luck!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend recap

This weekend flew by like most weekends. Monday is here before I can blink. On Friday I had a half day at work, so Nick and Jack picked me up. They stopped in and met some of my co-workers and then we headed for lunch. It was kind of nice just us three. I think Jack felt special. He had his 18 month check up that afternoon. Everything looks good and his clumsiness is normal. It was funny because when I was talking to the doctor about this, Nick had to run out of the room to catch Jack and we both heard him fall and knock into the wall. I guess it's just that age. They try to go so fast and are just so busy that they end up being clumsy. Jack is almost 26 lbs and has evened out in his height and weight. He only had one vaccine too.

Ellie has been saying and doing the funniest things:

Ellie is happy about the baby girl.  I was worried, because she keeps saying boy, but I think she likes it. She wants to take the new baby 'uppy' but she doesn't want to break her so she will be really gentle :)

When I showed her the ultrasound, she asked who's house that was. I guess an ultrasound picture would be confusing. It even blows my mind!

Nick was putting his pajamas on the other day and Ellie was asking why he has pockets on his undies. You know, men's tighty whitey's have the flap thingy on the front. It was the funniest thing!

She told Jack that he wasn't a baby anymore and we were going to get a new one. haha!

Silas took a bath with Ellie and Jack. They had a lot of fun and Silas seemed to like it :)

Here is Wendi, Silas, Ellie and Jack!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Girl or boy?

I'm always wrong. I have never been right when guessing the sex of my babies and I wasn't right on this one either. It's a girl! We are super excited to have another girl. The baby looks healthy and everything is ok except I have a placenta previa. This is new to me, but I guess it usually adjusts and works out in the end. I'll go back to see the perinatologist in a couple weeks. This ultrasound was more detailed than ones I've had in the past, but I was sore afterwards. She kept pushing really hard!

We are all excited especially my mom. I can't wait to start planning, shopping and thinking of girl names!

Monday, April 8, 2013


I know I'm really behind on my posts, but I've been busy. Busy planning, busy making decisions and busy with life! This post is really picture heavy because sometimes a story is easy said with photos. Over Easter weekend, we had an outside Easter Hunt at Rani and Darren's. Jack and Ellie loved it. It was Jack's first time and he knew exactly what to do. Sometimes he does things like he's already done things before. Easter Sunday we had my family over for brunch and a little Easter Egg hunt in our basement. Ellie and Jack loved finding their baskets. We also painted Easter Eggs, which was so fun! Ellie is becoming a little crafty artist. When everyone was leaving, she basically kept coloring and putting stickers on her eggs and didn't even look up. This is unlike her because she usually walks you to the door and gives kisses good bye. Not this time, nope she was too busy decorating.

Jack and his friend, Avery (Kim's daughter)

All the kids right before the big hunt!

Opening a present from Wendi and Nick

Wendi, Nick and Silas

our family

coloring eggs