Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Maya Papaya

This is my Maya Papaya. She is sweet, giggly, cuddley, smiley, squishy and fiesty. I'm not sure if fiesty does justice, especially at 12 and 4am. She might be a night owl. Now, we've had conversations about this, but I think I still need to sway her. I'm not sure if she just wants to hang out in the middle of the night or if she is growing and really needs 2 additional bottles in the middle of the night. This mama is tired. Starbucks has been working thus far, but it's getting expensive and the bags under my eyes are getting bigger. But it's all worth it, because she is the sweetest baby ever. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her. I want more like her. Isn't her tongue silly?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter is coming!

We've already celebrated with an Easter Egg Hunt at Rani's, but we are doing another egg hunt at our house this weekend. I'm super excited. We are also taking the kids (minus Maya) to an indoor waterpark for the night. They are super excited and Ellie has already packed her bags.


HI! It's been too long. I miss blogging. I miss looking at blogs everyday. I'm not longer addicted to reading blogs as I'm just too busy. Sad I know. But I'm not throwing in the towel just yet. I'm going to make it a goal to at least update once a week. I think if I put it on my calendar as a task, I'll do it.

I've been busy with work and the kids. I think same as everyone else out there.

I'm also still recovering. Most of February and March I was super sick. It started with the cold and flu and progressed into a rash/eczema breakout. ALL over my body. I had to go to urgent care and everything. It must have been because my immune system was so low and it didn't help that I started a detox. My body kinda flipped out. I'm better now. I've also been using essential oils and I think that is why I haven't been sick since. Usually this time a year, I get super sick, especially because baby Maya doesn't let me sleep a whole lot at night. She's silly. The oils have really helped me and the kids and Nick.  I use it on the kids for relaxation and viruses. Nick has used it for when he's getting sick. Oregano oil just zaps it. He was skeptical, but not anymore. It only takes once for someone to benefit from it to know that it is the best. I use it for my skin - I make a couple different 'lotions', lemon oil in my water, stress, headaches, germs and viruses. Seriously the list goes on. Everyone knows how I'm a germaphob and if you've read anything about anti-bacterial, you know it's BS and doesn't work. Although I'm a distrubuter, I don't sell them. I use them for myself and family and because they work. I've been able to cut out a lot of chemicals and medicine out our lives. My sister does have a website and sells them because so many people have asked her about them. Here's her website: If you are interested you should contact Wendi. There's a lot a lot of information on Pinterest.
Young Living essential oil cheat sheet for kids!  Colds, ear infections, scrapes and burns, tummy aches, and pink eye!  All of these are included in the Premium Kit, except Melrose and DiGize!

I have some exciting news! My sister and her husband bought a house! Really close to our house. Actually so close, I think we can ride our bikes!! They move in at the end of May. It's move in ready, but they are going to be doing some remodeling of the kitchen cabinets and put hardwood floors in.

How's everyone doing? I miss my blog world!