Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ellie's school visit and dentist!

Last Thursday, I got to spend the afternoon with Ellie. Her new preschool for next fall had an afternoon where the parents and kids could come for a couple hours to check out the classroom, meet the teachers and do some activities. We spent about 20 minutes in each classroom and danced, sang songs, made a penguin, had a snack, etc. It was fun to watch Ellie. She responds when someone is talking to her, but when they were dancing, she was only watching. At home she gets crazy and shows off her dance moves, but not at school :( Later that afternoon we went to the dentist. This was Ellie's second cleaning. She was a little hesitant half way through, because she heard the hygienist and I talking about her new teeth coming in. Ellie's been complaining that her teeth hurt and that is because she is starting to get her 4 new molars! She seemed scared and doesn't like the fact that she will get 'new' teeth. We got ice cream after the dentist, so all was good :)

I was able to get some cleaning in on Friday, but spent most of the day at home. By 5 o'clock I was ready to get out of the house, but had no where to go and no sitter. Which leads me to my next story.....

We were planning on having a sitter come on Sunday for a 'trial' day to see how Ellie and Jack would do and to show her our house and make sure we like her. The plan was for her to come at 10am. I anxiously waited by the window and Ellie was actually excited for someone to be coming over, even though she knew we would be leaving. By 10:30am, I decided to call her. Her voicemail isn't set up so I called her home phone. Her mom answered. Basically, she apologized and said she was suppose to call because her daughter wasn't feeling well. I was suspicious, but I was really nice and told her it wasn't a big deal because we were just testing it out since we've never had a babysitter. She explained that her daughter really wanted to babysit. I asked her if she had the flu. She said that it was hard to explain, but she is feeling really down and going through a hard time. RED FLAG. I said I would see her at school next week and she said she probably wouldn't be in until Thursday, but how she really enjoys working there because the kids really bring up her spirits. DOUBLE RED FLAG. So, I feel bad about whatever she is going through, but I can't have someone unstable watch my kids. She seems like a super nice girl, very artistically talented and is in choir, but something isn't right. Her mom seems like a weirdo too. Anyways. there are a couple other girls I could probably ask at Ellie's school. I'm just glad I found about this now and not later.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jack is 18 months!

I can't believe Jack is a year and a half!! He seems younger to me. It's been awhile since I've documented things on Jack, so here goes:

  1. LOVES Japanese noodles.
  2. Jack sleeps through the night for the most part, but wakes up about once or twice a week in the middle of the night and cries. I think he just has a bad dream or wants to make sure we'll check on him to make sure he's still there.
  3. He is fearless. He doesn't really have a hesitation for danger. For example, he'll hover at the top of the steps and if I'm anywhere near the steps he'll jump, knowing I'll catch him. It's a fun game for him, not so much for me. I think he likes to see me panic.
  4. Clumsy. I hate to say this, but he is really, really clumsy. If you look at him crooked, he will fall over. Ellie was and still is very coordinated. Jack trips and stumbles a lot. He usually doesn't cry, because he's so use to it and so are we.
  5. Just decided this week that he doesn't want to sit in his bath seat. This has open a whole list of issues. He likes to turn the water to cold (Ellie screams!), he slips and falls in the tub a lot, he gets cold easy because he is standing the whole time and it's hard to wash his hair when he is standing.
  6. LOVES his bottle. He has broken a half dozen of the ring that holds the nipple on the bottle. These are hard to find and not cheap. Last night he broke his last one. Silas has the same bottle, so that is why the weaning of the bottle has been a challenge. I told him that since he broke his bottle, he will just have to use his sippy cup. He didn't cry or wine. I was a little surprised, because this was right before bed. He just drank some milk and was fine with it. I hope we don't go back to the bottle.
  7. Weighs about 23 - 25 lbs. I should really know exact, but I don't.
  8. Wearing 2T clothes for the most part. Some pants and t-shirts are 18 months. I love baby boy clothes. Toddler clothes for boys are kind of dorky. :(
  9. Jack isn't talking too much. About the same when Ellie was this age. He is an observer and it's kind of hard when the nukie is in.
  10. Jack is sensitive. Feels bad when he is naughty and loves to see people smile.
  11. Throws a lot of things. He has a good arm. He likes to throw toys, toothbrushes, nukie, shoes, food, anything he feels like.
  12. I'm doing a diaper study on Jack right now for a marketing research company. It's kind of cool because I get paid and get to try out all kinds of diapers. Jack is in size 4 right now, but can cram into Silas's size 3 if need be :)
  13. Still taking 1.5 - 2 hour naps a day. Yeah!
  14. Goes to sleep at about 7:30 wakes up at about 7am!
  15. Loves his mama, daddy, Ellie and Meeko.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Since I will be going on maternity leave this summer, I figure I should be back to working 5 days a week. That doesn't mean that I won't take vacation ( a lot). Work is fun on Fridays, but being able to do whatever I want with the kids is way more fun. Last week we hung out at my friend Amy's house. Her little girl Aubrey is the cutest and Ellie really liked her. They are still working on the 'sharing' thing, but when it came time to jump on couches they were just fine! Jack chose his own toys and is fine with just having a stick of some sort. He found a yard stick in Gavyn's room and played with it until I had to sneak it away. The picture below is when they were waiting for Gavyn to get off the bus. Ellie LOVES yellow school buses so she was very excited.

Monday, February 18, 2013

And then there were five...

We are adding on! This is exciting and scary news!  We were going to wait awhile, because life with a 3 year old and a 1 year old is hectic, but some times the unplanned things are the best things in life. This pregnancy has been hard, probably because I'm older and have zero abs. Tiredness doesn't even begin to describe how I feel somedays. I hope it will soon pass and I'll get more energy. Ellie is excited, but wants a "Hello Kitty baby boy". I'm not sure where I can get one of those, but that is what she requested. I'm due the same date that Jack was due: September 1. I will be having another planned c-section and have a feeling it will be early, probably middle to end of August. This is the image I sent out to my co-workers today:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

These are my lovies, plus Meeko who is obviously sleeping or looking for crumbs somewhere.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ms. Bunny

We have a new addition to the family! We have decided to name her Ms. Bunny. My mom has been feeding her for a couple months now and I really like to look out our bathroom window to see if she's there. She usually comes around 7-8 at night. She loves carrots and celery. I hope she has babies this spring! I've tried to show Jack, but he doesn't get that he needs to look down out the window. He just looks straight out at the light or the trees. Ellie is so up and down. She's interested in the bunny, but scared too. I have to talk her into going to see it and once she agrees, she gets excited, but will only look at her for 2 seconds.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


The other night Nick was out to dinner for a work thing, so I got brave and took the kids to BW3's. Of course I had back up and Nick and Wendi were there too. This age (3 and 1) is really hard to go to restaurants, you never know when there is going to be a meltdown or craziness might explode. BW3's is a great place because it's loud, there are tv's everywhere for distraction and it's casual. Ellie and Jack were so good and didn't act crazy. I ordered Ellie a hotdog and it was so cute. I know it's weird to think of a hotdog as being cute, but it was.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend recap

I can safely say I'm like a new person. Last week was flat out horrible. It started Tuesday night, when I started to not feel so well. I barely made it to the bathroom and the sink was my best bet. I am not a puker. I actually will do everything not to vomit. Even if a little comes up into my mouth, I have been known to swallow it. I did however feel a little better after, until I let it all go in the kitchen sink. ALL over the dishes in our sink. I guess that's what I get for not using our dishwasher. I'd rather wash the dishes than have them get all stinky and nasty in the dishwasher, I know weird. If you saw what we stored in our dishwasher, you'd laugh. Ellie and Jack don't know about the dishwasher, so that is where we keep secret things that we don't want them to have, like M&M's and other goodies. 

Anyways, I was the second to get sick after Jack, then Nick got it, then my mom and then Wendi and Nick over the weekend. Ellie, my dad and Silas were the only ones that dodged it. They are lucky. I've never been so sick in my life. I hated sleeping with a puke bucket and I especially hated using it lying on my bedroom floor. I guess it's better than having to clean it up. Nick was lucky and got to dump it. I vagually remember telling him to use the nice smelly soap to clean it out. lol. I can't believe how hard the flu hit me. I'm SO glad it's over. After a long week, we ended up sticking close to home and just resting. I was waiting for Ellie to start puking, but it never came. LUCKY. I started to feel better on Friday, so I disinfected the house, mainly the bathrooms and kitchen. There should be a candle that you can burn that kills germs. Maybe that will be my invention. Spraying everything with lysol is sorta gross so I just wipe everything down and wash all the blankets.

Jack and I hanging out.

Still in my PJs.

Ellie, Jack and Teddy.

Reading books.