Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend recap

I can safely say I'm like a new person. Last week was flat out horrible. It started Tuesday night, when I started to not feel so well. I barely made it to the bathroom and the sink was my best bet. I am not a puker. I actually will do everything not to vomit. Even if a little comes up into my mouth, I have been known to swallow it. I did however feel a little better after, until I let it all go in the kitchen sink. ALL over the dishes in our sink. I guess that's what I get for not using our dishwasher. I'd rather wash the dishes than have them get all stinky and nasty in the dishwasher, I know weird. If you saw what we stored in our dishwasher, you'd laugh. Ellie and Jack don't know about the dishwasher, so that is where we keep secret things that we don't want them to have, like M&M's and other goodies. 

Anyways, I was the second to get sick after Jack, then Nick got it, then my mom and then Wendi and Nick over the weekend. Ellie, my dad and Silas were the only ones that dodged it. They are lucky. I've never been so sick in my life. I hated sleeping with a puke bucket and I especially hated using it lying on my bedroom floor. I guess it's better than having to clean it up. Nick was lucky and got to dump it. I vagually remember telling him to use the nice smelly soap to clean it out. lol. I can't believe how hard the flu hit me. I'm SO glad it's over. After a long week, we ended up sticking close to home and just resting. I was waiting for Ellie to start puking, but it never came. LUCKY. I started to feel better on Friday, so I disinfected the house, mainly the bathrooms and kitchen. There should be a candle that you can burn that kills germs. Maybe that will be my invention. Spraying everything with lysol is sorta gross so I just wipe everything down and wash all the blankets.

Jack and I hanging out.

Still in my PJs.

Ellie, Jack and Teddy.

Reading books.

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  1. The worst ever!!!! So glad you are well, I am also glad I know about the dishwasher now, it'll be my first stop next time I'm over!