Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Halloween has come and gone so fast again this year! Ellie was Snow White and Hello Kitty. She dressed up twice. Maya wore a cute little shirt with a Halloween cat and Trick or Treat bag. Jack was Thomas the Train. I found his poncho at BuyBuyBaby and his hat and Thomas 'bag' at Target. Ellie was very excited to be Snow White and even more excited because we watched the movie. It was her first movie filled with popcorn, M&M's and Skittles! We had Trick or Treat Halloween night in our subdivision. We went to a Halloween party at one of our neighbors and Nick's parents hung out at our house and handed out candy.

Where have I been?

I've been at work. I went back Oct 21. 8 weeks after Maya was born. It's like I never left. That' awholenother story. I'm just going to skip that part and talk about things that are more important.

I forgot to post pictures from our Devil's Lake outing. My dad and I took Ellie and Jack right before I went back to work. We went to an apple farm, Devil's Lake and some other stop along the way. It was such a nice day and we had a lot of fun.