Welcome! This blog is mostly made up of stories about my family (mostly my babies) and the rest of our life. I love reading blogs and have to admit I'm a little addicted to some. I'm a Web Designer by trade and love learning new things. I'm a mom to sweet little Elliana, Jack and one due this August. I have a fun husband who loves his babies. I'm a lucky girl.

Mama {heidi}: likes being a mother and web designer, likes technology, remodeling, design, anything on HGTV, likes social media, likes decorating, likes shopping, likes skiing, likes traveling, likes movie night, likes anything from Japan.

the Dads{nick}: likes hanging out with his family and friends, likes playing cards, likes gambling,  likes traveling, likes napping, likes going to the movies, likes sports.

little girl {elliana}: likes singing, likes dancing, likes seaweed and rice, likes her moofu (blanket), likes her baby brother Jack, likes cookies, likes skiing, likes playing with legos, likes to watch Japanese tv, likes to go shopping, likes to nap, likes bath time, likes her cousin Silas, likes to jump on her bed, likes to read "one more one" book at night time, likes to change her clothes a lot.

little boy {jack}: likes to give sloppy kisses, likes eating, likes bath time, likes to drink bath water, likes his older sister, likes his nukie, likes to go for walks, likes to look at books, likes to throw Meeko's food at him, likes to smile, likes to be chased and tickled.

baby {??}: likes ice cream, likes cookies, likes toast, likes wasabi, likes orange juice. coming August 2013.

dog {meeko}: likes eating anything he can get into his mouth, likes to snuggle, likes bed time, likes to nap in the sun, likes to bark, likes to growl at his brother and sister, likes to give kisses.

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