Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Well, hi there!

It's almost comical that I'm writing on my old, dusty blog. It's also very redick that I haven't updated this since Christmas time! I miss my old life as a blog follower, pinterest-dicted, web stalker, wannabe diy-er! I haven't read any blogs or looked on any remodel websites in soooo soooo long.

So, I haven't had much time lately because of work, kids and life. It's crazy busy. I try to update Facebook weekly with some sort of picture or post, which is typically so easy to do. I need to think of a way to convert Facebook posts into blog posts............ that could be my invention. But, who has time to invent anything!?  There is a cool website that has all new inventions. It's awesome. So many cool ideas! A lot of them have videos to view and listen what the product is about.

The most recent one I've seen is the baby changing pad!  (

The concept is great, but I'm not sure if I would have really used it with my kids. Maya is getting older, but there was an incident a couple months ago when I came home and was talking to Maya and she wanted to put her fingers in my mouth because I was chewing gum, little did I know that earlier my mom had changed her diaper and Maya's hands were wondering down under. GROSS.

I should probably give a quick update on what's going on with us. My dad had heart surgery (5 bypass) in May, My parents moved on June 19, right down the road from Wendi and Nick, My mom, Wendi and I went to Niagara Falls for the first time, Ellie turned 6 on July 20th!, Maya doesn't take a bottle anymore and she is also very interested in potty training and Nick got his dream job. That's pretty much it in a nutshell.