Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I know.... the video I just posted is really poor quality. It's from my Blackberry. We have a video camera, but it's broke! We got it last year right before Ellie was born and hardly used it. It's a Sony with 60gb of hard drive and doesn't allow an external card. SO, I am on the market for a small, (inexpensive) video camera that I can save to a card.

Ellie and her car

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Autumn is here!

Enjoying the last days of summer...

Auntie Wendi, Ellie and Ba-ba

Mamma and Ellie-cakes

Mamma and Meeko - haha! (too many kisses!)

Baby Meeko

Auntie Wendi and Ellie

Fall is coming! Can't wait for pumpkins, Halloween, apple pies and crisp air!

Monday, September 13, 2010

A great weekend, but a whole lotta crap!

Yesterday was a great day... did some shopping, went to Panera and hung out at my parents. Everything was great until I got home. Nick was gone all day and so was I, but guess who was home all my himself! Yup - Meeko! He's been spoiled this last year, because someone is always home (usually my mom and Ellie). I knew he probably had an accident in the house, so I was preparing myself. I came home to two little soft piles. No biggie, because it's not on the carpet. I picked both stinky piles up and flushed the first and left the second in there to flush later. I unloaded the bags and put Ellie by her toys. Then I went to flush the second, of course it got stuck! Partly my fault because I used paper towel (and a lot of it). So, I plunged it and it went down. Then I decided I should clean the toliets and while I'm at it, I should do the sinks and mirrors. As I'm scrubbing down the toliets, sinks and talking on the phone, Ellie is exploring the cabinets; taking out toliet paper, lotion and whatever else is stored in there - at least she is occupied and having fun. This whole time, I keep smelling Meeko's poop. I even said to the person on the phone that I couldn't get the smell out of my nose. I even did a quick scan to see if I maybe got it on myself or if there was another hidden pile. Nope! All clear. Good. Right? WRONG.

After I finished cleaning the bathrooms I decided to get the vacuum out (I know, I had a WEIRD burst of energy), but it really still smelled. I picked Ellie up to move her out of the bathrooms to be closer to me and felt some wetness on her leg. HMMM. Is it peepee? SNIFF. NOPE. It's Meeko's smelly poop! But wait, it's not on the outside of her pants. It's Ellie's poop! So as I braced myself for what I knew would be a gross site, I attempted to change Ellie. It was the most poop I've ever seen. Of course it leaked and squeezed out of her diaper and her pants. It was all OVER. I got it on my arms, pants, shirt, hands and of course Ellie thought it would be funny to grab some too. I wanted to call for someone to help, but no one was around, except Meeko who I think was laughing in his doggie mind. I threw Ellie in the bath. I think I used a gallon of Baby Magic soap and almost got out the Oxy. I just can't believe how much poop can come out of a little body like that! Nick of course got home after this whole thing. He's lucky.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy, happy birthday to my sweet baby Meeko!!

Meeko is already 5! I remember bringing him home at 8 weeks old. He slept the whole way in my arms and when we got home he slept in his new bed (on our bed of course). In the morning I picked him up to go peepee and he accidently went on the rug by the door because I was taking too long to get the front door open. oops! Meeko was also suppose to be a girl. I mean, I wanted a girl dog and there was only 1 in the litter of 6. When we went to see the puppies, I held Meeko and he sucked on my pinky and that is when I changed my mind. I didn't care that he was a boy and that I would have to buy new puppy clothes, I just knew he was the one:)
Meeko has such a good heart and soul. He barks a lot and sometimes acts crazy, but who doesn't?! There are so many good things about Meeko that outweigh his annoying bark, like...
  • he eats the food Ellie drops on the floor and always helps clean up her high chair
  • he's a great snuggler and makes a really good fur hat on those cold winter nights
  • he doesn't mind Ellie
  • he poops on command (seriously, it's an amazing talent)
  • when he needs a bath - he'll just go in the shower and wait his turn to be shampoo-d
  • he loves mcdoubles, ice cream and the best of all -
  • he gives good kisses!!

Here's a picture of Meeko and Lucy napping. He kind of looks like a pimp dog here.

Here is a picture of Meeko a couple winters ago. This picture was one of the photos chosen in the Human Society calender. He was Mr. December!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

OMG Ohdeedoh!

One of my FAVORITE websites to go on (every 10 minutes) is Ohdeedoh! I la la la LOVE it. There is so much to learn and so many pretty things. Guess what!? Ellie's 1st Birthday party was posted today! eeeeeeeeeek! yippie! Click here to see on Ohdeedoh! Here's a link to her birthday party.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Even before Ellie was born, I've been looking for a wood play kitchen! Ikea has a super cute one, but it seemed a little pricey, especially since she wouldn't play with it for a long time. I thought about making one and have kept my eye open for a night stand or old tv stand that I could maybe modify (yah right, who am I kidding!)... anyways a couple days before her birthday I was at Tuesday Morning and spotted one. It's made out of light wood and is pink!! Ellie doesn't really 'play' with it yet, but she does like to take the sink out and turn the knobs on the front. This was only $60 and did I mention that it is pink!! Check out some pics below...

lala, lala, lala... mama, what would you like for dinner?
mama! you're silly, I don't cook!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bike ride

My dad found a bike trailer at goodwill and got it for Ellie! I've been wanting one for awhile, but couldn't justify it since I didn't think we would use it too much this year, especially with summer coming to an end. This one is perfect! It seats 2 kids and has a screen and plastic cover. We took it for a spin the other day and Ellie seemed really comfortable, even with the pillows, helmet, blanket and seat belt. ( I know... I went a little overboard) She was having a good time, until her helmet went over her eyes and she was looking out through the top!! The helmet is a little big, but it was the smallest I could find at Toys R Us and it's better than no helmet. We didn't go for too long, because I didn't want to over do it, since it was her first time.
Riding along....
Wendi, Grandpa and Ba-ba

Mama and Ellie!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dads back!

At home with Daddy today!!



I know, I know - I still give Ellie her bath in the laundry room sink! We've tried doing it in the big bath and it is just too big. I'm thinking of ordering one of this bath ring seats, so she can sit better or maybe getting the big blow up duckie bath. What do you think?


Ellie slipped and bumped her head on the kitchen table leg. OUCH! She actually didn't cry too much and it didn't bother her as much as putting the ice on it. She did NOT like the ice pack on her head. The bump was the size of a golf ball, but the ice helped take down the swelling. Here's a picture of her bump...