Friday, June 21, 2013

the lake

Last night we went to Pewaukee Lake again. Just let the kids play on the beach after we ate our subs and ice cream. They didn't have their swimsuits (or as Ellie would say swim soups) on, so they didn't really go swimming. The longer we stay though, the wetter they got. Jack ended up getting all wet so we had to strip him before getting into the car. I just don't understand how all that sand got in his diaper! They had a good time. I think I'll take them to a beach this weekend. They both love playing in the water.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

The weeks are just flying by and the weekends are coming and going even faster. Father's day was pretty low key. We just did breakfast and kinda hung out most of the day. Nick had to catch a flight to Florida for work, so we only had the morning. He doesn't come back until Thursday night. It's nice to have some separation, but we do miss him. Thank god for Facetime! I don't know what I'd do without my iPhone, it's seriously the best. 
The Fathers at breakfast.

I took the kids and met Wendi & Family at the Chocolate Factory on Pewaukee Lake. We walked around a little in the sand until it got too chilly. The temps dropped like 20 degrees! Ellie really wants to go swimming next time though.

Jack and I shared our favorite: Mint Chip.
Not sure what's going on here, but she was really
excited to eat BLUE ice cream!
Nick, Silas, Jack and Ellie.

Me, the kids and the baby bump!

With my new job, sometimes I'm able to take Ellie to school. She has to go a little earlier than what she's use to, but it's kind of nice to drop her off. This morning she cried a little though, which made me feel like crap. I know once I leave she's totally fine, but she just wants to hang out with her Mama all day!

I bought Ellie a new car seat. We will need extra ones for Nick's car when Jack starts school too. It's too hard to figure out the car/car seat situation. I bought a booster that comes with a harness. She really likes the cup holders too!

Monday, June 17, 2013


The other weekend my parents, the kids and I went to Ebert's. It's a huge greenhouse in Ixonia. I love it there. Ellie and Jack loved looking at the flowers and running around. Ellie was such a big help pulling the wagon too. She's pretty strong. We bought two large pink and purple flower baskets for our urns in front of our house. They are so pretty and easy to take care of. I wish I was a gardener because there is so much we could do with our landscaping.

Baby #3

Last week I had another 'big' ultrasound with the specialist. It was mostly to check on the location of my placenta and my cervix. Everything looked good! My placenta has moved up a bit and shouldn't be an issue. My cervix length looked good too. I still need to take it easy, but everything seems good for now. We got to see more pictures of our baby girl. She weighs almost 3 lbs! She's been kicking a lot and a couple times have hurt. Getting up at night is an every other hour ordeal. I'm 29 weeks already, but kinda of feel like I've been pregnant for awhile. I'm trying to really enjoy this one, since it may be my last.

Monday, June 10, 2013


On Saturday I took Ellie and Jack to get haircuts! It was Ellie's first real haircut and Jack's second. Ellie did great and was so good. Jack was a little hesitant and didn't want to sit in the cool car chair. He ended up cooperating after I let him sit on my lap. I'm not sure I will go back since it was $17 each!!! I guess you go for the experience, but I think we can go somewhere else next time. 

Suckers after!

Good girl Ellie!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Third semester!!

I'm 28 weeks this semester which means I'm in my last semester! Woohoo! I think it's actually going fast, but maybe that's because life is going really fast. I'm definitely feeling super pregnant, sleeping at night isn't really happening, constant bathroom stops, some headaches,  still wearing my rings, but those are getting tight and feeling exhausted mid-day. We still have a lot to prepare, like Jack's new room upstairs. We havent touched it! I hope to make progress in the next couple of weeks. I'm anxious to get Jack moved upstairs so he can get use to his new room before the baby comes. I hope it's an easy transition like it was for Ellie. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013


For those of you that have been bugging me about updating my blog, I finally found the time!!  With my new job, the kids and just being exhausted I just couldn't fit it in. I've been thinking about updating it though, so I think that counts for something! 

Let's see... where do I start?!

 Today marks 1 month. I can finally say that I don't hate it. It was extremely hard, but I'm getting to a place where I feel comfortable and am getting to know my new  co-workers. I think the hardest thing for me is how much this job is making me grow and really get out of my comfort zone. I would definitely call it growing pains, but it is making me a better person, web developer, manager and teaching me so much. I think it's going to be great once things start to settle down and I figure out the routine and my purpose.

Ellie and Jack have had colds this week. Ellie's voice is changing. Maybe it's from the cold, but it's kind of creepy. Jack is so sweet when he's sick. I tried giving him some natural, honey cough medicine with a syringe and forced it in his mouth, it shot out his nose! Poor baby, bad mama. I felt so bad. It really sucked for him.

Ellie weighs 30 lbs and Jack weighs 26 lbs! Just some stats.

BABY #3:
I'm almost 28 weeks, bigger than ever!
I had a check up on Monday. Cervix is still short, meaning no lifting, no hanky panky, take the elevators, take it easy! (yah right)

Here's a conversation between my Dr and I.

Me: So my cervix is measuring at 3.75?
DR. No, it's actually not that high, it's about 3.05.
Me: Oh, yah I guess that is a big difference, especially since the measurements are small and are in inches.
DR. Actually they are in centimeters.
Me. Oh crap.

Wednesday morning I had some watery blood. I freaked out a little. Went to the doctor, got looked at. Everything was good.

Thursday mid morning I started cramping. The same cramping I had the morning I had Jack. I decided to go in again to get checked. All I could think about was, they better not feel or see a baby head, because that is what happened with Jack. Everything checked out ok. She's putting me on some medicine that should help with the cramps.

I'm pretty excited that it's almost the weekend. I wish I could do more things. Paint Jack's new room, organize, go shopping or something. I have to take it easy. That's just not me, especially when I'm pregnant, I always feel like I need to get stuff done. I do however feel like I could get a cleaning person. Just once a week to do my floors, bathrooms and dusting. I need to talk to Nick about that one. If he says no, then he can do it. :) I'll find him a YouTube video about cleaning toilets, he already knows how to vacuum (really well too), and washing the floors isn't that complicated either, it's kind of like raking. 

Some sad news: Nick's 39 year old cousin, Jason passed away. He had throat cancer several years ago and had some complications recently. Very sad. He left a 9 year little girl behind. Cancer sucks so bad. 

Have a good weekend!!