Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What does your weekend look like?

I should have pictures of me cleaning out Jack's new closet, but since I didn't do it this weekend I don't have any :( I just couldn't get motivated. I can't decide if I want to do it when the kids are hanging all on me or when they are in bed. When they go to bed, I crash, so I don't think that will work. I will get to it sooner or later.

So, what did our weekend look like? See below....

Ellie likes to put Jack's shoes on Poo Bear. Apparently he needs them.

Playing in a box is always fun!

Sometimes driving in the van with the sun beating on me is nice and relaxing.

Jack relives old times by playing in Silas's bouncer.

Friday, March 22, 2013


It's been a long week, mostly because Ellie has a cold. So, she has been mopey and a little whiney. I hope she starts feeling better today and we can get out this weekend. I usually love winter, but not when I'm pregnant since I can't go skiing. I can totally see how people hate it. I'm beginning to wonder if it's ever going to warm up. I'm looking forward to being able to go for a walk outside with the kids or just sit out on the deck. It's crazy to think that last year Jack wasn't even walking in the summer yet. It's going to be a busy summer of chasing and running that's for sure!
Ellie eating a popsicle. Silas watching closely.
 I am almost 17 weeks now, but feel like I'm 30 weeks. Now that I'm in my second trimester, I'm actually feeling pretty good. I'm going to really enjoy this because I know I will start to slow down and feel the pains of a bigger belly. I don't think I can officially say I've felt the baby kick. I might have felt something the other day, but it was probably bubbles. I've been anxious to find out if it's a boy or a girl, so I ran a Chinese test and it says it's a girl. Not sure how accurate this is since I have the same due date as Jack and he was a boy :)

This weekend I am planning on doing some organizing, which includes cleaning out the closet in Jack's new room upstairs. I have so much crap up there and really need to get it cleaned out so we can start putting organizers in there. I also have a bunch of maternity clothes I need to get out and start using.

Have a nice weekend!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend recap

Can't believe it's Monday already! The weekends go way, way too fast. Especially now that I don't have Fridays off.

We had a great weekend. Friday was our first time ever babysitter night. I was so nervous. I mean really, really nervous. I forgot to tell her so many things like where was Meeko? (at our parents), why is there candy, cookies and random things in your dishwasher?, show her how to use the baby monitor, where the band aids are located?, where to put Jack's poopy diaper (luckily he didn't go), that she can turn some lights off if she wants, talk to her about food if she gets hungry. Those are just a few things that totally slipped my mind. Oh well, it all worked out. Ellie and Jack weren't too upset when we left. I distracted them with the tv though. Ellie seemed a little said, but I told her we would do something special on Saturday. As soon as we left they headed downstairs played and played. Ate their strawberries, cereal, apples and Ellie introduced the new babysitter to Japanese seaweed. They were perfect for going to bed and were really good. It sounds like she'll come back :) Ellie talked about her on Saturday too, so she likes her. I'm so happy it went well and I'm excited to be able to do some stuff more and not feel guilty. The babysitter is a Senior and will be going for Education at La Crosse next year. She has a younger sister though!! :)

Saturday consisted of running errands, some shopping and ice cream for Ellie and Jack. Sunday was cleaning and relaxing. No crazy St. Patty's day celebration though. Although we are suppose to get 3 inches of snow today and freezing temps this week, I feel like Spring is coming soon. I'm excited for weather where we don't have to wear hats and jackets. I love warmer weather but I am honestly dreading the hot, humid weather especially with the baby. I hope my feet don't get swollen and I hope I don't get as big as a house. I know that I will be bigger because this is my third, but I'm trying to watch the 'extra' weight so loosing it won't be as hard. All I can do is try :) I have my energy back and have been feeling really good lately even though the flu last weekend almost killed me. Easter is just around the corner so that means the bunnies will come out and it's going to start getting warmer. YAY!

Jack LOVES the vacuum.
Cute Ellie snacking in the car.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Strike 2...

Ellie still in her jammies, with a puke towel.
...and there better not be a strike three!

I can't even believe the flu swooped through our house again. Who gets the flu twice in a month? This time around was WAY worse than last. It started with Wendi and her Nick on Thursday. Ellie got it Thursday night and Nick and I got it Friday night. Nick's was gone within 12 hours, but mine lasted until Monday. If this was bad karma set upon me, then I think I'm good for a decade. Most of it is a blur because I was so out of it and dizzy. I had no food in me, didn't eat all weekend and was dizzy. Baby #3 was probably wondering what the thunderstorms in my tummy were from! I'm sure our sewer bill will be quadruple what it usually is and I've actually gotten the hang of puking while having a conversation with Ellie. It was just awful. I know that I will never get a flu shot again. I'm not saying this caused it, but it definitely didn't keep it away. Luckily it happened over the weekend, otherwise I would have missed a lot more days at work on the flu. Jack and my mom have not gotten it yet and I'm praying they don't.

 Ellie was feeling better by Sunday morning and kept checking on me.... she's so sweet. She wanted to give me my 'medicine', which was made up of water and tums.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Second trimester

I'm officially in my second trimester! I have the BabyCenter app on my phone that gives me updates on the baby, my body and tracks my pregnancy. It is so accurate! For example today it says that "the top of my uterus is a bit above my pubic bone, which may be enough to push your tummy out a tad". TRUE! I know that this is my third and I don't have a long torso, but I'm definitely showing already. My energy is not totally back, but instead of crashing at like 5pm I crash at like 8:30pm - weekends are no exceptions. I went out for a birthday party Saturday night and didn't get to bed until midnight. I was really feeling it on Sunday, luckily the whole family got a 2 hour nap in :)  I have a check up on Wednesday, so hopefully I'll find out when my big ultrasound is scheduled for and when we can find out if it's a boy or a girl! Up until last week, Ellie kept telling me that the baby was going to be a boy, but she just recently said it was a girl and that we would name her "Dolly". She's so funny.

Jack likes to cuddle after his nap.
Ellie gets a cookie at the grocery store. Lucky girl.

Friday, March 1, 2013


I think I can say that Jack is no longer 'on the bottle'! It's been a little more than a week since he broke his last one and ever since then we have not given him a bottle. He's been drinking from a sippy cup, but he has cut back on drinking. It's nice that he doesn't wake up with wet pajamas anymore, but I hope he is drinking enough. I'm so glad that this is done with because I knew it would probably be impossible after the new baby was here. I've been looking for glass bottles, but they are hard to find. I will probably have to order them online. I've been on this anti-plastic kick, even though most stuff is BPA-free and safe, I'm still paranoid about it. 

We painted our kitchen! It went from a bright, sunshine yellow and is now a light, fresh grey. Here are some pictures taken with my phone:

BEFORE (ignore the spaghetti covered baby). You can see the yellow in the background.

We got our cracked window replaced. So glad that it's fixed. I kept having nightmares of waking up and there would be a big whole in our house.

Have a good weekend everyone!!