Friday, June 29, 2012

Jack in his walker

Jack is now crawling... not just army crawling, but using his knees crawling! His legs are pretty strong and I know he will probably be walking soon. We still put him in his walker and he LOVES it. We got this walker   before Ellie was born from my friend Rani who had it as a backup at her mom's house. It's probably over 10 years old at least. I like it because it's smaller than the ones you find in the stores now. Jack usually plows through anything in the way and can even maneuver over the rug. I usually find him with odd things he picks up on the way - kitchen towel, a book or toy, nick's laptop plug, my underwear or a pillow. Here's a video of Jack and his walker.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The heat...

It's hot. I mean unbearable. Thank god for AC - when it's working. Ours broke on Sunday night AGAIN, for the 4th time in 7 years. I'm convinced we have a lemon. For sure. Remember when it broke last year? Well it's the same thing, so they replaced some parts that were luckily still under the 1 year warranty, although we had to pay a $200 service charge. UGH. I guess it MAY break again because it MAY be leaking freon. I don't like when things break.

Anyways... I'm looking forward to the weekend and playing with these two boogers.

Happy Birthday to my MOM today!

The best mom, EVER!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some things...

Last weekend went by so fast, because we had so much going on! I am going to do a bullet list of what went on.

  • Nick's grandma passed away and her funeral was on Friday.
  • Her urn was a really pretty blue with flowers and butterflies.
  • This huge, beautiful Monarch was in the tree right after the ceremony on our way to the burial. (it was her) --->

  •  My parents bought a new car. A Toyota Prius. They went "Hybrid".
  • Here we are in the back seat at the dealership. Ellie just loves Jack. lol.

  • Jack had his 6 month check up for his incision (when they removed his birthmark) Everything looked good. We just keep sunscreen and a hat on him when he's outside.

  • I had a rummage on Thursday.
  • My parents helped SO much.
  • Nick was out of town (Nick's hates rummages. I do TOO.)
  • I sold the new lawn mower tractor (yes, the one I bought him for Father's Day that he hasn't even used).
  • My dad had a great idea to put it out on the driveway for bait to bring people to the rummage sale.
  • I made money on selling his lawn mower!!
  • I need a new purse.
  • I'm looking for a new (used) tractor!
  • Nick cut the lawn on Saturday w/ the push. lol.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A little peanut is coming...

Wendi's baby shower was a success! Nick and Wendi received a lot of nice gifts for their little peanut that will be arriving soon - September 5th to be exact. I think she will go a little early though. How cool would it be if the new baby and Jack shared the same birthday - August 23! Below are some pictures from the shower.

A Little Peanut is Coming!
Cake and dessert table

DYI Diaper cake. I took two cake platters (from a party store or Michael's) arranged the diapers and wrapped two different kinds of ribbon, added the cute elephant stuffed animal and the Burt's Bees baby essentials pack.

We held a diaper raffle. For each package of diapers or for every 20 diapers, you enter to win one of the gift baskets.

I decided to have two gift baskets because two is better than one :)

The Kitchen themed basket included a soap & lotion set, yummy candle, kitchen towels, olive oil spritzer, olive oil, bamboo trivet, chalk board labels and of course two individual wines. The wines I saw on Shark Tank and they are so cool!

The Bath/Spa themed basket included a soap & lotion set, smelly candle, towels, birdie soap dish w/ soap, body lotion, body scrubby, bath salt, two individual wines, more soaps and of course a "Do not disturb" sign :)


The soon to be parents!

Rani, Heidi, Wendi and Kim

Heidi, Kim, Rani, Wendi and Amy w/ Aubrey

This is how we ended the day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


shopping with dadda
We have a busy weekend ahead of us and it's already started with Nick being in Arizona. He left really early Monday morning and his flight lands at midnight on Thursday. He is there for work because his company has their sales meetings this week. I don't like that he is gone, but I'm happy this time. A few months ago, his company got acquired and we were not sure what was going to happen. This is typical in the medical device industry, but the first time we've gone through it. Luckily he is okay and doing really well! I don't usually talk about our jobs, but it is a really, really good thing and I'm so relieved. Otherwise we might have moved to Hawaii or Colorado :)

So, I decided to do a stupid rummage on Thursday and Friday. My dad volunteered to help since most of the stuff is his. We also have a funeral on Friday. Nick's Grandma passed away and her funeral and burial is up north. Saturday I will spend the day cooking and cleaning for Wendi's baby shower and on Sunday we will celebrate Wendi's little peanut!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fun days

I decided to take off on Friday so we could do Fun Day Friday with some friends and their kids. We went to Imagination Station in Oconomowoc and went down the slides and played on the swings. After the park stop we went to Kiltie's custard stand. It was super yummy! 

Wendi, Jack and Ellie swinging!
I couldn't wait any longer, so I gave Nick his Father's day gift on Friday too. We got him a riding lawn mower. It is a really nice John Deere. My cousin found it for us and brought it over. Since it was used my dad actually took it to his house to clean it up a bit and hide it until I was ready to give it to Nick. He hasn't used it yet, but I think he will be very happy to cut down his mowing time and not have to sweat and work so hard when cutting our lawn. I think we were the only house in our subdivision that had a push lawn mower!! We are keeping the push lawn mower just in case he ever really wants to use it.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Jack is crawling. Jack has been rolling and rolling everywhere, but yesterday he started the army crawl. He's pretty fast too. As soon as he figures out he can use his legs, he'll be super speedy! OR maybe he'll just start walking.
Here's a picture of my dad and Ellie trying to teach him to walk.

Jack has been holding his own bottle too! I know this might not seem like a big deal, but it is for him.  He never really did it before, but it's totally our fault, because we never made him. He has been spoiled. So, now when he drinks his bottle he will hold it himself, unless he is falling asleep then I will just hold it... he is a pro at sleeping and drinking.
p.s. Ellie never held her bottle. EVER. S.P.O.I.L.E.D.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Ellie's favorite word lately is MINE.  "Mine, mine, mine, mine."

Mine too.

These two are MINE!