Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bilingual Ellie

This week flew by and I've been behind on posting. Yesterday, we had someone come to the house to start an evaluation for Ellie's speech. The program is only until she is 3, so we only will do the program for a little over a month and then continue through the school district. I'm not freaking out or anything, but I know that she will be in preschool and 4k before we know it and I don't want her to be behind. While she will have a delay (which is right now) because of her bilingual environment I want to make sure we are doing everything to help her with English. Learning both languages at this age is the best thing and we are so fortunate to have this for her. Once she breaks through this, she will be so fluent in both. I've wanted to start her in a Japanese class on Saturdays, but have held back because of her English.

She has broken through her shyness for the most part and is willing to talk and interact with kids and adults. She says many, many words and does put several together (ie. I love mama; We-we's house; One more, etc.). She jibber jabbers all the time and definitely doesn't have a problem understanding what we are telling her or asking her (in both English and Japanese). She knows most of the colors in Japanese and English, follow directions, but I feel like sometimes she holds back. I'm also thinking of introducing some American cartoons. Right now if she watches t.v. it's usually Japanese cartoons. I'm also excited for her to start watching movies!! I can't wait to watch all the Disney movies with her and a big bowl of popcorn.

Here's a video of Ellie swinging... the giggling is Jack. (I'm wearing him).

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