Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We're back!

I can't believe it's after Thanksgiving already! Last week went so fast I feel like it didn't even happen. I think the older we get the faster time goes. So, I'm sure you are wondering what happened on the airplane with our sweet little angel, Ellie. LOL! On a scale of 1-10, I would say it was a 6. It was still really hard, but not has awful as I thought. Nick was able to sweet talk the lady at the gate and she moved someone so we could have the row to ourselves. Ellie was very curious about the tv in the seat, Sky Mall catalog and poking the woman in front of us. I had to change her on the airplane (just #1 though) and I don't recommend it unless it's absolutely necessary. The bathrooms are extremely tight and there is barely enough room to lay her down on the table, but I got it done:) Both Nick and I tried to hold her and rock her to sleep (which we NEVER do) and she didn't like it, so we put her on her tummy in the middle seat and she slept for about 45 minutes! She cried and whined a little because her ears hurt, but most of the time she was busy throwing things. My cell phone, hippo and the IPOD got a beating.

The next thing that I was concerned about was Ellie's crib. I had bought a small portable crib online at Target and had it shipped to the house. It was a little small, but we brought her night light with music and she had no problems in her new crib.
The weather was a little chilly for AZ - only in the low 60's most of the time. We shopped a lot, drove around Scottsdale and Phoenix, ate a lot, won at the casino, went to the auto show, went to the flea market and hung out at the house. Nick and I were able to see 3 movies! We are big movie goers (or at least use to be), so it was nice to sit and relax and not think about anything. AZ has some great restaurants including 2 of my favorite places - and -- YUM!

It was such a nice week and I'm sad it's over, but am so looking forward to Christmas shopping! We already set up our tree and decorated, so we are ready for the holiday season.

I will post some pictures really soon. I know I've been slacking big time, but I will get back into the swing of things and try to slow down life for a bit ;)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting ready...

I haven't been very loyal with updating the blog :( I've been crazy busy with work, teaching and life!  I'm busy packing for our trip to Arizona.  I'm hoping to fit all of my stuff, Nick's and Ellie's into one suitecase... if I do I think that I deserve something - I mean ONE suitecase for 3 people!! So far, 90% of my stuff is in and it's half empty. I tried really hard to take only clothes I will really wear. I usually end up taking too much and not even wearing it. We'll even wash clothes, so I really don't need too much. Nick either. I will have to limit his jeans to only 3, otherwise he'd take 8 pairs. It will only be in the low 70's when we're in Arizona, but that is ok as long as I can wear sandels!  Ellie is also a very good helper - she says that we definitely need to take some magazines.  I also just got done putting Toy Story 3 on the IPOD and I'm watching it while I type. I love Disney movies. (love). I hope this will be a good distraction for Ellie on the airplane. Wish us luck on the airplane. Maybe I'll end up video-ing Ellie and Nick on the airplane.... LOL. That would be hilarious.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ellie's nursery

Ellie loves her room!  Her newest thing is closing the doors and hanging out by herself for awhile... I didn't think she would start this until she was at least 13!!  Tonight she decided she would try a new room. It was a typical night and Ellie was running around playing like usual, when I heard her go into our bedroom and shut the door, so I went in there and she had not only shut our bedroom door, but the master bathroom door. When I went to open the door, it was blocked! Ellie opened the drawer and blocked the door. Nick and I could not open it for about 10 minutes. We tried all kinds of things and finally was able to push the drawer in with a long, skinny ruler. I'm still unsure if she was just being goofy and did it on accident or if she was being dramatic and knew exactly what she was doing. She is a little sneaky.

So, today I am thankful that I can shut doors in our house and Ellie can't open them by herself..... yet.

I thought I would share some pictures of her room.

We have these built-ins because it was originally the office.

Ellie's books - of course she has her favorites!

Here are Ellie's 6 months pictures and then the little pictures are of Nick and I when we were babies.

I made this butterfly collage.

Her furniture is from Restoration Hardware. We got it when Wendi worked there part-time.

Ellie's newborn pictures.

Ellie's kitchen.

Ellie's friends - Miffy, Keroppi, and Pooh. She loves Miffy!

Ellie's closet.

Looking out of her room.

Friday, November 12, 2010


I L.O.V.E fridays. I also love Saturdays. I'm so thankful for the weekends where we can do whatever we want with our lovies.

Fridays are usually movie night.... if we can make it through the first half hour, we're doing good.  Usually that doesn't happen.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

online stuff

I'm a shopper and a technical person. Therefore online shopping is perfect for me!  Since we are going to Arizona and will need a portable crib for Ellie, I decided to order it online and have it shipped there. I also threw some diapers and wipes in with my order, so I don't have to carry them in my suitcase. is awesome. I got free shipping and 10% OFF!.... AND it will be there tomorrow. I mean seriously. I love good deals and because I like others to also benefit, here is a code for 15% off at HEID9938 and if you spend over $50 you get free shipping too.  There are lots and lots of stuff for kids, including toys!  Now, we'll see if we end up going.... I'm freaking out a little bit about the plane ride with Ellie. We did not get her a seat and I'm regretting it. She wants to walk and touch everything! I think I should video tape the airplane ride though.  It might make some good tv. lol.

Anyone out there have any advice (besides don't do it - that is what my pediatrician basically said) for taking a 16 month old on the airplane ride. (oh and it's an almost 4 hour flight)?

Here is a picture of what I wish could happen on the airplane....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Twin Connection

Today I am thankful for my twin sister Wendi. She is my best friend, girlfriend and 'my person'. I'd be lost without her. Happy Birthday TWIN!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am thankful for Amazon!! lol! I know, I know, it's not very thoughtful or sentimental, but it's true! Here's why....
I just ordered my first ever DSLR!! I'm very excited to get it. Amazon has some crazy deals and I also got an additionl really nice lens to go with it! Now, I've done a lot of research upfront, but now I have a lot to learn about the camera. I'm excited to start taking some better quality photos of our family. This thing also takes HD video! yup! eeek! ;P

Isn't it sexy?

p.s. Stay tuned for some pictures in the future.
p.p.s This is my b-day/christmas/new years/valentine's day/st. patty's day/easter gift for 2011 and 2012.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Just another manic monday..... wish it were Saturday!!  I have to stop wishing for the weekend to come sooner because I'm wishing away my life, but I can't help it! I seriously work for the weekends (another song in my head). The weeks are just too full of work, teaching, trying to watch my favorite shows, laundry, cleaning and anything else that we can fit in. I love the weekends and am thankful for the weekends.  This weekend was great! Friday I went and saw Chelsea Handler; who by the way is awesome. She is hilarious. I don't care that every other word is the f-bomb or that she is so graphic. I laughed so hard my chest hurt.  On Saturday we did some shopping and ran some errands. We ended Saturday with some neighbors coming over playing board games. I LOVE board games and sometimes get a little competitive (shh don't tell anyone that. haha). On Sunday we had a great breakfast and then just putzed around the house. It was nice!

Now.... I am just waiting for Friday and trying to figure out how I can have a shorter week and longer weekend.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Thanks be to laughing. I'm going to see Chelsea Handler tonight and can't wait to laugh!

I love this subway board. Isn't it cool? I wanna get one or make one like this. It's a nice message.

So, since I will be gone tonight, Ellie and Nick can spend some quality time together! :)  After Ellie goes to bed I'm sure Nick will be watching his scary movies. I don't like movies like the Saw series or My Bloody Valentine with 3d glasses (yup he did that once). I would much rather watch a comedy and laugh than have nightmares!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Instant smiles

Whenever I'm having a bad day or need to change gears at work because my brain is mush, I go to and I instantly feel better. I love how they have the 'handpicked items' showcased on their homepage. Usually, there is a theme of some sort; whether it's by season, color or category. Since winter is on it's way and Christmas is right around the corner there have been a lot of holiday type items. This is what made me smile today:

Doesn't this make you want winter to come!?  There are so many great gifts too! I can't wait to do some shopping!
On the left-hand side there is section that allows different ways to shop. I love be able to choose how to browse. Shopping by color is my favorite!

So... this is what I am thankful for today :)

p.s.  Coming up on November 27th is the Art vs. Craft event. I'm so sad that I won't be able to go. That is the day we come home from AZ and I don't think Ellie would appreciate going to this after being on the airplane for over 3 hours. I know if I went I would get all of my Christmas shopping done! Too bad - hopefully next year!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Civil duty

Last night Nick and I voted. We took Ellie along and asked if she could vote, but the woman said that she wasn't old enough. It's okay though... she'll grow up soon enough and will be able to:)

I'm thankful that we live in a society where we have a right to make choices and vote.  Not only is it our civil duty, but I think it's important.  Although I haven't focused on the details of politics lately I have a little understanding of the general concepts. Some may say that I need to do more research, but I voted based on my current knowledge and on advice I get from trusted people around me.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I L.O.V.E. fall!

November is here! This is my favorite time of the year. Nick and I just had our anniversary, my birthday is this month, Christmas music is going to be playing soon, the decorations will come out, fires will make the house warm, hot chocolate will be served and it's Thanksgiving!! I L.O.V.E. fall!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am going to share something that I am thankful for and try to post everyday. Today, I am thankful for my mom. She stayed over last night to take care of Ellie while I was at school and Nick had to take a co-worker out for dinner. Tonight, I have to go to dinner with the same co-worker with Nick and she will be watching Ells again!