Monday, November 8, 2010


Just another manic monday..... wish it were Saturday!!  I have to stop wishing for the weekend to come sooner because I'm wishing away my life, but I can't help it! I seriously work for the weekends (another song in my head). The weeks are just too full of work, teaching, trying to watch my favorite shows, laundry, cleaning and anything else that we can fit in. I love the weekends and am thankful for the weekends.  This weekend was great! Friday I went and saw Chelsea Handler; who by the way is awesome. She is hilarious. I don't care that every other word is the f-bomb or that she is so graphic. I laughed so hard my chest hurt.  On Saturday we did some shopping and ran some errands. We ended Saturday with some neighbors coming over playing board games. I LOVE board games and sometimes get a little competitive (shh don't tell anyone that. haha). On Sunday we had a great breakfast and then just putzed around the house. It was nice!

Now.... I am just waiting for Friday and trying to figure out how I can have a shorter week and longer weekend.

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