Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting ready...

I haven't been very loyal with updating the blog :( I've been crazy busy with work, teaching and life!  I'm busy packing for our trip to Arizona.  I'm hoping to fit all of my stuff, Nick's and Ellie's into one suitecase... if I do I think that I deserve something - I mean ONE suitecase for 3 people!! So far, 90% of my stuff is in and it's half empty. I tried really hard to take only clothes I will really wear. I usually end up taking too much and not even wearing it. We'll even wash clothes, so I really don't need too much. Nick either. I will have to limit his jeans to only 3, otherwise he'd take 8 pairs. It will only be in the low 70's when we're in Arizona, but that is ok as long as I can wear sandels!  Ellie is also a very good helper - she says that we definitely need to take some magazines.  I also just got done putting Toy Story 3 on the IPOD and I'm watching it while I type. I love Disney movies. (love). I hope this will be a good distraction for Ellie on the airplane. Wish us luck on the airplane. Maybe I'll end up video-ing Ellie and Nick on the airplane.... LOL. That would be hilarious.

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