Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We're back!

I can't believe it's after Thanksgiving already! Last week went so fast I feel like it didn't even happen. I think the older we get the faster time goes. So, I'm sure you are wondering what happened on the airplane with our sweet little angel, Ellie. LOL! On a scale of 1-10, I would say it was a 6. It was still really hard, but not has awful as I thought. Nick was able to sweet talk the lady at the gate and she moved someone so we could have the row to ourselves. Ellie was very curious about the tv in the seat, Sky Mall catalog and poking the woman in front of us. I had to change her on the airplane (just #1 though) and I don't recommend it unless it's absolutely necessary. The bathrooms are extremely tight and there is barely enough room to lay her down on the table, but I got it done:) Both Nick and I tried to hold her and rock her to sleep (which we NEVER do) and she didn't like it, so we put her on her tummy in the middle seat and she slept for about 45 minutes! She cried and whined a little because her ears hurt, but most of the time she was busy throwing things. My cell phone, hippo and the IPOD got a beating.

The next thing that I was concerned about was Ellie's crib. I had bought a small portable crib online at Target and had it shipped to the house. It was a little small, but we brought her night light with music and she had no problems in her new crib.
The weather was a little chilly for AZ - only in the low 60's most of the time. We shopped a lot, drove around Scottsdale and Phoenix, ate a lot, won at the casino, went to the auto show, went to the flea market and hung out at the house. Nick and I were able to see 3 movies! We are big movie goers (or at least use to be), so it was nice to sit and relax and not think about anything. AZ has some great restaurants including 2 of my favorite places - and -- YUM!

It was such a nice week and I'm sad it's over, but am so looking forward to Christmas shopping! We already set up our tree and decorated, so we are ready for the holiday season.

I will post some pictures really soon. I know I've been slacking big time, but I will get back into the swing of things and try to slow down life for a bit ;)

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