Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sledding, V-day and Karate!

As much as we are looking forward to no coats, boots, hats, etc, we have been enjoying the snow this week! The last 3 days, Nick has taken Ellie and Jack sledding. It started on Sunday with sledding down our little hill in our yard. They LOVED it. I went down a few times and I have to admit it was a little scary. The snow mound is from snowplowing our driveway. It's nice to have, especially when the kids just want to go out in the morning 'really quick' before school. Nick picked up the kids from school early yesterday and took them to our sledding hill we have in our subdivision. They had a lot of fun, but Nick was exhausted from walking and carrying the kids.

I love this picture of them. This is at the sledding hill.

Sledding in our yard.

Baby Maya is too little to play in the snow, but she sure likes to smile in her chair!

Ellie had a birthday party for her friend at school. They had it at a Karate Dojo place. She had so much fun, running around and breaking the wood!

Ellie begged to go to the Chocolate Factory over the weekend. Love this place and can't wait for summer on the beach!

For Valentine's day, Ellie and Jack helped me make chocolate covered strawberries. It was so easy and fun.