Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Peach!

I can't believe this is the end of my first trimester.  One down, two more to go!  I'm feeling pretty good, despite this annoying cold I have. The biggest difference in this pregnancy than with Ellie is of course how much bigger I am and also the tugging and weirdness where my c-section scar is.  Sometimes it is painful and scares me. I think this weekend I might get some maternity clothes and should probably think about going through my old ones, but getting new is always more fun.

One of my favorite sites to visit is The Bump. I love looking at how big the baby is compared to the different fruits and vegetables. It's funny! This week, the baby is a fuzzy peach :)  Week 21 is a banana and I just don't get that analogy.  You'd think it would always have to be something more round or a bigger mass.


Monday, February 21, 2011

sickies is no fun :(

Overall, we had a pretty uneventful weekend, well besides my new exciting purchase. I finally got an Iphone! I've been holding out for a looooooong time and we went to Best Buy just looking around and decided it would be a good thing. I still have no idea what I am doing, but it's so exciting!

Ellie has been sick with a cold and runny nose. She's so cute when she has the sniffles, but not so much when she pukes in your hand. Yup, Ellie puked in my hand Friday night at fish fry (warm clam chowder soup) and on Saturday (milk and snot). I guess that's the kind of stuff you do when you're a mom. I feel so bad for her because she can't blow her nose yet or clear her throat. This morning, I woke to a very swollen throat too. If Ellie has a swollen throat like me, there is no way she's going to be eating anything solid or big.  Yesterday she inhaled a vanilla pudding pop and was in such a better mood after that.

Below is a pic from my new phone. Isn't Ellie cute!? I know I'm biased, but she sure is cute here, also because she's next to me and I'm not looking so hot. I still can't believe her light hair and blue eyes.  I'm wondering if the next baby will be like Ellie or me and Nick? I'm already getting anxious and it's so far away.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's crazy how fast things can be put into perspective. Last Friday, when Ellie had her 18 month check up, I talked to the pediatrician about Ellie's left eye going in towards her nose sometimes. She noticed it and recommended we see a pediatric ophthalmologist. I wasn't too worried because I've been to the ophthalmologist pretty much most of my life ( I have really poor vision ) and Ellie's eye isn't that bad. Yesterday my mom and I took Ellie to the doctor and after some tests and looking around, she told us that Ellie has a form of strabismus, called accommodative esotropia It basically means that when she focuses her eyes turn inward and look crossed. By wearing glasses it should reduce the focusing effort. I was really upset because I didn't think I would hear that she would need glasses. I thought maybe a patch for a few hours a day for a little bit. I guess to me, glasses seem more permanent, but the more research I do the more I'm finding that there is a good chance as she grows and her eyes change, she might not need them.

I know I'm completely over reacting and making a bigger deal then it is. I felt even worse when we were back in the waiting room (Ellie had her eyes dialated and we needed to wait a half hour) and this little boy probably around 3 1/2 years old had a seeing stick and as he played with the puzzles and toys he held everything about a half an inch away from his face. And I'm freaking out about Ellie having glasses! Shame on me. seriously. After her appointment Nick and I took Ellie to a few places and picked out some cute frames. They are called Miraflex glasses and are specifically for young kinds because they are made out of a rubber and have a elastic band to keep them on. I'm also thinking about seeing another pediatric ophthalmologist to get a second opinion. We still ordered her glasses and I'm sure this other doctor will say the same thing (I hope), but I just need to make sure for myself.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

bedroom dilemma

Ellie's room is currently on the first floor in the old office, near our bedroom.  We have 3 other bedrooms upstairs. I don't think it's feasible to have the baby upstairs because it's way more convenient to have the nursery close to everything, so I think Ellie and the baby will have to share a bedroom or Ellie will have to go upstairs. I'm not sure how that transition will work for both Ellie and us. Upstairs is scary. There is a balcony that I'm afraid of, but no way of blocking it off or anything. Ellie is fearless, she would carry something over there and try to launch off and it's 2 stories high. There is also the stairs that I'm concerned with. She can't go up and down them by herself just yet and I wouldn't want to block the stairs as she might try to jump over the railing. We also haven't decided on if we'll get a crib or toddler bed for Ellie.  It's nice that she is 'contained' in her crib until we get her out. She fell out once and that was because the side was too low. I don't think she could get out now though. We also have a twin bed, dresser w/mirror and tall dresser in one of the bedrooms upstairs that Ellie could maybe use. I'm just not sure about putting her in such a big bed just yet.

The other option was for the baby and Ellie to share a room. I don't think this is a great idea either as their sleeping schedules won't be the same. So, we have some things to figure out and I'm glad I have some time to think about it.  Although I will stress out about it until I decide, I'm kind of lame that way.

This was taken right after we brought Ellie home.

Monday, February 14, 2011


So, finally I'm able to share the news to the blog world (not that I have many followers), but it's a relief!
Since I've kept you in the dark for the last several months I'll backtrack a little....
I found out I was pregnant 2 days before Christmas.

The night before I felt cramping and thought I was going to get my period. (crap!) I say crap because we had been trying for a couple months and I thought I was precise on the timing and I also didn't want to have to go in for a v. ultrasound having my period. (gross)
I was scheduled for a check up of my ovaries ( I have PCOS ) and I also took clomid that month.
That morning I decided to take a test, just for the heck of it.
It came back +. WHAT? I definitely didn't believe it because it was my 3rd urine of the day (sorry, TMI) and it wasn't a lot.
So, I took another one and it was the same.
I couldn't believe it.

When I got to the doctor's office, I told the nurse and she told me to pee in the cup and they'd check.
That's when I was getting really anxious...the nurse came in during my doctor check up to tell me it was again +


After my appointment I immediately called Nick and then went shopping. I just went to Kohl's because I knew they had a shirt I wanted to get Ellie. (see picture above)
We told my family Christmas Eve and Nick's family Christmas Day. Ellie wore her new shirt!

I've been feeling a lot better, but still exhausted. I'm not sure if that's from having a toddler and working full time or climbing this mountain.
I feel different with this pregnancy than with Ellie, so that is why we waited until 12 weeks to announce it. I was kind of anxious that something might happen.
I don't have a lot of cravings except when I get my mind on something, I have to have it. Like blackcows; not root beer floats that are awesome too, but a root beer/ice cream shake. I can drink blackcows faster too. YUM.
I've also been craving fruit. I did have this with Ellie, probably because I should be drinking more water.
So, I'm glad it's out there in public and now I can talk about things that everyone wants to hear about!
We have a lot to think about:

bedroom situation
double strollers
maternity clothes - new ones :)
will we found out the sex? (of course, don't try to stop me either)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

One more day!

Does anyone else live for the weekends?

I can't help but wish it was Friday all the time... monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday I'm wishing it were Friday. It's not a good thing... because I'm just wishing my weeks, months and years away, but I LOVE the weekends.  I have to sub for a class tonight at WCTC and am regretting the decision to do so. It's been really, really nice having off and getting a break from teaching. Anways, I'm glad I took off tomorrow. I have some stuff to catch up on and appointments to go to. Ellie has her 18 month check up tomorrow! I don't think she gets shots, at least I hope she doesn't. She's really turning into a little person with a big personality... it will be interesting what she does at the doctor's office.

Also - Nick's been gone all week for work and we've really missed him! I think Meeko really misses cuddeling with his bed buddy. He doesn't sleep well (me too) when Nick is gone.  I think Ellie is wondering where her Dad has been and she will be excited to see him, hopefully we can keep her up long enough until he comes home.  She has lots to show him. Ellie knows where her head, shoes and nose are in both Japanese and English! My mom also taught her how to throw things away in the garbage can, which is cool, but not when she decides everything needs to get thrown out.  Maybe she'll be a neat freak - gosh I hope not!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just some pictures...

Here are some pictures taken over the last month or so that I though I would post.  I think Ellie really misses Yuma. She really relates to 'little people'.

Ellie is so serious when she's building her blocks.

If she could sleep in this car, I think she would. She loves it!!

"No dad, I'm not getting out."


I love her face here and her little slippers.

Some serious gamers....

Ellie is trying it too!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Go Pack Go!

We decided to have a Super Bowl party because as Nick would say "We might never see this in our life again!"  A bunch of friends came over and of course their kids. Ellie had a great time following the other kids around and 'observing'. She is a little shy, so it's very cute to watch. Below are some pics of the night.

Before kick-off.

Getting excited!

Ellie and her new buddy, Cameron.

I think there might be a connection!

This picture made me laugh. I guess she needs to hold on to something so she doesn't fall off!
Watching the game with her daddy.
Everyone minus a few people and a bunch of kids!


Thursday, February 3, 2011


Yup, it happened.... Ellie jumped out of her crib this morning. I was already gone to work and Nick heard a loud thump and found Ellie on the floor :(  I guess she wanted out. I was hoping this wouldn't happen. I know that's a little unrealistic considering Ellie is a daredevil, but I was hoping we wouldn't have to decide on a new bed situation until this summer.  Her crib does convert into a toddler bed, but we'd have to buy the kit for $130 and since I'm sure we'll eventually need another crib someday, I'm thinking I might be better off putting that money towards another crib that can convert right away.

And to top this off - she now opens doors!! We have the handles that you just pull down and it's really easy for her. We'll have to try to remember to keep the outside doors locked, but soon, she may figure that out too.

Wow! Ellie's really advanced this past week. I think I'll blame it on the snow, since it was a snowcalypse yesterday. It was a great day to stay indoors and play. I'll try to post some pictures of the crazy snow mounds soon.