Tuesday, February 15, 2011

bedroom dilemma

Ellie's room is currently on the first floor in the old office, near our bedroom.  We have 3 other bedrooms upstairs. I don't think it's feasible to have the baby upstairs because it's way more convenient to have the nursery close to everything, so I think Ellie and the baby will have to share a bedroom or Ellie will have to go upstairs. I'm not sure how that transition will work for both Ellie and us. Upstairs is scary. There is a balcony that I'm afraid of, but no way of blocking it off or anything. Ellie is fearless, she would carry something over there and try to launch off and it's 2 stories high. There is also the stairs that I'm concerned with. She can't go up and down them by herself just yet and I wouldn't want to block the stairs as she might try to jump over the railing. We also haven't decided on if we'll get a crib or toddler bed for Ellie.  It's nice that she is 'contained' in her crib until we get her out. She fell out once and that was because the side was too low. I don't think she could get out now though. We also have a twin bed, dresser w/mirror and tall dresser in one of the bedrooms upstairs that Ellie could maybe use. I'm just not sure about putting her in such a big bed just yet.

The other option was for the baby and Ellie to share a room. I don't think this is a great idea either as their sleeping schedules won't be the same. So, we have some things to figure out and I'm glad I have some time to think about it.  Although I will stress out about it until I decide, I'm kind of lame that way.

This was taken right after we brought Ellie home.

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