Thursday, February 10, 2011

One more day!

Does anyone else live for the weekends?

I can't help but wish it was Friday all the time... monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday I'm wishing it were Friday. It's not a good thing... because I'm just wishing my weeks, months and years away, but I LOVE the weekends.  I have to sub for a class tonight at WCTC and am regretting the decision to do so. It's been really, really nice having off and getting a break from teaching. Anways, I'm glad I took off tomorrow. I have some stuff to catch up on and appointments to go to. Ellie has her 18 month check up tomorrow! I don't think she gets shots, at least I hope she doesn't. She's really turning into a little person with a big personality... it will be interesting what she does at the doctor's office.

Also - Nick's been gone all week for work and we've really missed him! I think Meeko really misses cuddeling with his bed buddy. He doesn't sleep well (me too) when Nick is gone.  I think Ellie is wondering where her Dad has been and she will be excited to see him, hopefully we can keep her up long enough until he comes home.  She has lots to show him. Ellie knows where her head, shoes and nose are in both Japanese and English! My mom also taught her how to throw things away in the garbage can, which is cool, but not when she decides everything needs to get thrown out.  Maybe she'll be a neat freak - gosh I hope not!

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  1. i hope class went well. i love all of the pictures you posted recently-ellie and yuma are really cute together!