Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Go Pack Go!

We decided to have a Super Bowl party because as Nick would say "We might never see this in our life again!"  A bunch of friends came over and of course their kids. Ellie had a great time following the other kids around and 'observing'. She is a little shy, so it's very cute to watch. Below are some pics of the night.

Before kick-off.

Getting excited!

Ellie and her new buddy, Cameron.

I think there might be a connection!

This picture made me laugh. I guess she needs to hold on to something so she doesn't fall off!
Watching the game with her daddy.
Everyone minus a few people and a bunch of kids!



  1. My Nick is super jealous of your Nick's Packer pants!

  2. If you look closely you'll notice they are Grinch pants!! LOL. At least they are green.