Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wisconsin State Fair

We go to the State Fair every year! Usually to eat and people watch. We always hit up the Dairy building and get a baked potato, chocolate milk and sundae (I think the maple is the best). We usually get corn on the cob and sometimes a brat or two!! Good thing we walk around alot and look at all the junk in the buildings. Oh, and usually it's like 100degrees, so we sweat a lot too.

This was Ellie's first year and she really liked the baked potato a lot. She was sleeping during the ice cream stop, but she would have liked that too. Here are some pictures....

Monday, August 23, 2010

team work

Typical afternoon... Ellie crawling around seeing what she can get into, Meeko waiting for food to fall into his mouth and Lucy trying to get outside. This time it was a little different, because they are working as a team. Ellie always drops her food on the floor for Meeko, but now she is caught here helping Lucy escape! Below is what went on....

I missed the last shot because I was running over to grab Ellie... she tried to get out too. We don't have a gate on the steps on the deck and Ellie is fast! So, I guess we'll have to get a lock on the screen door if we are going to keep the glass door open. We also must get a gate on the deck steps. That is my next project!!

missing daddy

Well... we made it a week without Nick. Now we just have 5 more days - Nick comes home Friday!! But he leaves again Sunday for Cincinnati. The good thing is, is that Nick isn't too home sick, he is so busy studying and learning. Even at night when he should be relaxing and letting his brain recover he is stuyding! We can't wait for him to settle into his new job and get back into a balance of home and work. We miss him, but we've been very busy - the zoo, shopping, weddings, organizing the house, etc. I will post some pictures soon.

In the mean time, here is a picture from the other week. Ellie is helping her daddy pack. She was in charge of getting Nick's socks out of the drawers. She is such a good helper :)

tiffany blue

I was looking at one of my many home design blogs I visit and saw some pictures that looked familiar. It was my powder room! Erin from House of Turquoise, posted the pics below. I remember when we were choosing paint colors and I really wanted something different, so I took my Tiffany blue jewelry box to the paint store and picked it. I thought I could always paint it if I hated it. It turned out fine and 5 years later I still love it. Ellie loves to play on the black and white toile stools. They do open, but I haven't found anything hidden in them yet!!

tiffany blue powder room
Wendi gave us the stools for Christmas and I loved how it looked with blue so I put them in here. The toile night light is from Lowes, the little lamp shades are from Steins, the edged mirror is from Ikea and the prefectly matched candle holders are from Marshalls. My mom got me the cute little robin egg soaps and I put them in a little holder to make it look like a nest :)