Sunday, June 24, 2012

A little peanut is coming...

Wendi's baby shower was a success! Nick and Wendi received a lot of nice gifts for their little peanut that will be arriving soon - September 5th to be exact. I think she will go a little early though. How cool would it be if the new baby and Jack shared the same birthday - August 23! Below are some pictures from the shower.

A Little Peanut is Coming!
Cake and dessert table

DYI Diaper cake. I took two cake platters (from a party store or Michael's) arranged the diapers and wrapped two different kinds of ribbon, added the cute elephant stuffed animal and the Burt's Bees baby essentials pack.

We held a diaper raffle. For each package of diapers or for every 20 diapers, you enter to win one of the gift baskets.

I decided to have two gift baskets because two is better than one :)

The Kitchen themed basket included a soap & lotion set, yummy candle, kitchen towels, olive oil spritzer, olive oil, bamboo trivet, chalk board labels and of course two individual wines. The wines I saw on Shark Tank and they are so cool!

The Bath/Spa themed basket included a soap & lotion set, smelly candle, towels, birdie soap dish w/ soap, body lotion, body scrubby, bath salt, two individual wines, more soaps and of course a "Do not disturb" sign :)


The soon to be parents!

Rani, Heidi, Wendi and Kim

Heidi, Kim, Rani, Wendi and Amy w/ Aubrey

This is how we ended the day!


  1. super adorable! I love the diaper raffle!

  2. Thanks again Heidi, Everything was awesome!