Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some things...

Last weekend went by so fast, because we had so much going on! I am going to do a bullet list of what went on.

  • Nick's grandma passed away and her funeral was on Friday.
  • Her urn was a really pretty blue with flowers and butterflies.
  • This huge, beautiful Monarch was in the tree right after the ceremony on our way to the burial. (it was her) --->

  •  My parents bought a new car. A Toyota Prius. They went "Hybrid".
  • Here we are in the back seat at the dealership. Ellie just loves Jack. lol.

  • Jack had his 6 month check up for his incision (when they removed his birthmark) Everything looked good. We just keep sunscreen and a hat on him when he's outside.

  • I had a rummage on Thursday.
  • My parents helped SO much.
  • Nick was out of town (Nick's hates rummages. I do TOO.)
  • I sold the new lawn mower tractor (yes, the one I bought him for Father's Day that he hasn't even used).
  • My dad had a great idea to put it out on the driveway for bait to bring people to the rummage sale.
  • I made money on selling his lawn mower!!
  • I need a new purse.
  • I'm looking for a new (used) tractor!
  • Nick cut the lawn on Saturday w/ the push. lol.

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