Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Strike 2...

Ellie still in her jammies, with a puke towel.
...and there better not be a strike three!

I can't even believe the flu swooped through our house again. Who gets the flu twice in a month? This time around was WAY worse than last. It started with Wendi and her Nick on Thursday. Ellie got it Thursday night and Nick and I got it Friday night. Nick's was gone within 12 hours, but mine lasted until Monday. If this was bad karma set upon me, then I think I'm good for a decade. Most of it is a blur because I was so out of it and dizzy. I had no food in me, didn't eat all weekend and was dizzy. Baby #3 was probably wondering what the thunderstorms in my tummy were from! I'm sure our sewer bill will be quadruple what it usually is and I've actually gotten the hang of puking while having a conversation with Ellie. It was just awful. I know that I will never get a flu shot again. I'm not saying this caused it, but it definitely didn't keep it away. Luckily it happened over the weekend, otherwise I would have missed a lot more days at work on the flu. Jack and my mom have not gotten it yet and I'm praying they don't.

 Ellie was feeling better by Sunday morning and kept checking on me.... she's so sweet. She wanted to give me my 'medicine', which was made up of water and tums.

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