Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend recap

Can't believe it's Monday already! The weekends go way, way too fast. Especially now that I don't have Fridays off.

We had a great weekend. Friday was our first time ever babysitter night. I was so nervous. I mean really, really nervous. I forgot to tell her so many things like where was Meeko? (at our parents), why is there candy, cookies and random things in your dishwasher?, show her how to use the baby monitor, where the band aids are located?, where to put Jack's poopy diaper (luckily he didn't go), that she can turn some lights off if she wants, talk to her about food if she gets hungry. Those are just a few things that totally slipped my mind. Oh well, it all worked out. Ellie and Jack weren't too upset when we left. I distracted them with the tv though. Ellie seemed a little said, but I told her we would do something special on Saturday. As soon as we left they headed downstairs played and played. Ate their strawberries, cereal, apples and Ellie introduced the new babysitter to Japanese seaweed. They were perfect for going to bed and were really good. It sounds like she'll come back :) Ellie talked about her on Saturday too, so she likes her. I'm so happy it went well and I'm excited to be able to do some stuff more and not feel guilty. The babysitter is a Senior and will be going for Education at La Crosse next year. She has a younger sister though!! :)

Saturday consisted of running errands, some shopping and ice cream for Ellie and Jack. Sunday was cleaning and relaxing. No crazy St. Patty's day celebration though. Although we are suppose to get 3 inches of snow today and freezing temps this week, I feel like Spring is coming soon. I'm excited for weather where we don't have to wear hats and jackets. I love warmer weather but I am honestly dreading the hot, humid weather especially with the baby. I hope my feet don't get swollen and I hope I don't get as big as a house. I know that I will be bigger because this is my third, but I'm trying to watch the 'extra' weight so loosing it won't be as hard. All I can do is try :) I have my energy back and have been feeling really good lately even though the flu last weekend almost killed me. Easter is just around the corner so that means the bunnies will come out and it's going to start getting warmer. YAY!

Jack LOVES the vacuum.
Cute Ellie snacking in the car.

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