Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

The weeks are just flying by and the weekends are coming and going even faster. Father's day was pretty low key. We just did breakfast and kinda hung out most of the day. Nick had to catch a flight to Florida for work, so we only had the morning. He doesn't come back until Thursday night. It's nice to have some separation, but we do miss him. Thank god for Facetime! I don't know what I'd do without my iPhone, it's seriously the best. 
The Fathers at breakfast.

I took the kids and met Wendi & Family at the Chocolate Factory on Pewaukee Lake. We walked around a little in the sand until it got too chilly. The temps dropped like 20 degrees! Ellie really wants to go swimming next time though.

Jack and I shared our favorite: Mint Chip.
Not sure what's going on here, but she was really
excited to eat BLUE ice cream!
Nick, Silas, Jack and Ellie.

Me, the kids and the baby bump!

With my new job, sometimes I'm able to take Ellie to school. She has to go a little earlier than what she's use to, but it's kind of nice to drop her off. This morning she cried a little though, which made me feel like crap. I know once I leave she's totally fine, but she just wants to hang out with her Mama all day!

I bought Ellie a new car seat. We will need extra ones for Nick's car when Jack starts school too. It's too hard to figure out the car/car seat situation. I bought a booster that comes with a harness. She really likes the cup holders too!

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