Thursday, June 6, 2013


For those of you that have been bugging me about updating my blog, I finally found the time!!  With my new job, the kids and just being exhausted I just couldn't fit it in. I've been thinking about updating it though, so I think that counts for something! 

Let's see... where do I start?!

 Today marks 1 month. I can finally say that I don't hate it. It was extremely hard, but I'm getting to a place where I feel comfortable and am getting to know my new  co-workers. I think the hardest thing for me is how much this job is making me grow and really get out of my comfort zone. I would definitely call it growing pains, but it is making me a better person, web developer, manager and teaching me so much. I think it's going to be great once things start to settle down and I figure out the routine and my purpose.

Ellie and Jack have had colds this week. Ellie's voice is changing. Maybe it's from the cold, but it's kind of creepy. Jack is so sweet when he's sick. I tried giving him some natural, honey cough medicine with a syringe and forced it in his mouth, it shot out his nose! Poor baby, bad mama. I felt so bad. It really sucked for him.

Ellie weighs 30 lbs and Jack weighs 26 lbs! Just some stats.

BABY #3:
I'm almost 28 weeks, bigger than ever!
I had a check up on Monday. Cervix is still short, meaning no lifting, no hanky panky, take the elevators, take it easy! (yah right)

Here's a conversation between my Dr and I.

Me: So my cervix is measuring at 3.75?
DR. No, it's actually not that high, it's about 3.05.
Me: Oh, yah I guess that is a big difference, especially since the measurements are small and are in inches.
DR. Actually they are in centimeters.
Me. Oh crap.

Wednesday morning I had some watery blood. I freaked out a little. Went to the doctor, got looked at. Everything was good.

Thursday mid morning I started cramping. The same cramping I had the morning I had Jack. I decided to go in again to get checked. All I could think about was, they better not feel or see a baby head, because that is what happened with Jack. Everything checked out ok. She's putting me on some medicine that should help with the cramps.

I'm pretty excited that it's almost the weekend. I wish I could do more things. Paint Jack's new room, organize, go shopping or something. I have to take it easy. That's just not me, especially when I'm pregnant, I always feel like I need to get stuff done. I do however feel like I could get a cleaning person. Just once a week to do my floors, bathrooms and dusting. I need to talk to Nick about that one. If he says no, then he can do it. :) I'll find him a YouTube video about cleaning toilets, he already knows how to vacuum (really well too), and washing the floors isn't that complicated either, it's kind of like raking. 

Some sad news: Nick's 39 year old cousin, Jason passed away. He had throat cancer several years ago and had some complications recently. Very sad. He left a 9 year little girl behind. Cancer sucks so bad. 

Have a good weekend!!

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