Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bike ride

My dad found a bike trailer at goodwill and got it for Ellie! I've been wanting one for awhile, but couldn't justify it since I didn't think we would use it too much this year, especially with summer coming to an end. This one is perfect! It seats 2 kids and has a screen and plastic cover. We took it for a spin the other day and Ellie seemed really comfortable, even with the pillows, helmet, blanket and seat belt. ( I know... I went a little overboard) She was having a good time, until her helmet went over her eyes and she was looking out through the top!! The helmet is a little big, but it was the smallest I could find at Toys R Us and it's better than no helmet. We didn't go for too long, because I didn't want to over do it, since it was her first time.
Riding along....
Wendi, Grandpa and Ba-ba

Mama and Ellie!

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  1. What a sweet Goodwill score! Looks like fun, and she seems so cozy all snugged in there!