Monday, September 13, 2010

A great weekend, but a whole lotta crap!

Yesterday was a great day... did some shopping, went to Panera and hung out at my parents. Everything was great until I got home. Nick was gone all day and so was I, but guess who was home all my himself! Yup - Meeko! He's been spoiled this last year, because someone is always home (usually my mom and Ellie). I knew he probably had an accident in the house, so I was preparing myself. I came home to two little soft piles. No biggie, because it's not on the carpet. I picked both stinky piles up and flushed the first and left the second in there to flush later. I unloaded the bags and put Ellie by her toys. Then I went to flush the second, of course it got stuck! Partly my fault because I used paper towel (and a lot of it). So, I plunged it and it went down. Then I decided I should clean the toliets and while I'm at it, I should do the sinks and mirrors. As I'm scrubbing down the toliets, sinks and talking on the phone, Ellie is exploring the cabinets; taking out toliet paper, lotion and whatever else is stored in there - at least she is occupied and having fun. This whole time, I keep smelling Meeko's poop. I even said to the person on the phone that I couldn't get the smell out of my nose. I even did a quick scan to see if I maybe got it on myself or if there was another hidden pile. Nope! All clear. Good. Right? WRONG.

After I finished cleaning the bathrooms I decided to get the vacuum out (I know, I had a WEIRD burst of energy), but it really still smelled. I picked Ellie up to move her out of the bathrooms to be closer to me and felt some wetness on her leg. HMMM. Is it peepee? SNIFF. NOPE. It's Meeko's smelly poop! But wait, it's not on the outside of her pants. It's Ellie's poop! So as I braced myself for what I knew would be a gross site, I attempted to change Ellie. It was the most poop I've ever seen. Of course it leaked and squeezed out of her diaper and her pants. It was all OVER. I got it on my arms, pants, shirt, hands and of course Ellie thought it would be funny to grab some too. I wanted to call for someone to help, but no one was around, except Meeko who I think was laughing in his doggie mind. I threw Ellie in the bath. I think I used a gallon of Baby Magic soap and almost got out the Oxy. I just can't believe how much poop can come out of a little body like that! Nick of course got home after this whole thing. He's lucky.

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