Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Even before Ellie was born, I've been looking for a wood play kitchen! Ikea has a super cute one, but it seemed a little pricey, especially since she wouldn't play with it for a long time. I thought about making one and have kept my eye open for a night stand or old tv stand that I could maybe modify (yah right, who am I kidding!)... anyways a couple days before her birthday I was at Tuesday Morning and spotted one. It's made out of light wood and is pink!! Ellie doesn't really 'play' with it yet, but she does like to take the sink out and turn the knobs on the front. This was only $60 and did I mention that it is pink!! Check out some pics below...

lala, lala, lala... mama, what would you like for dinner?
mama! you're silly, I don't cook!

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  1. You are certainly showcasing your super shopping abilites this week! Another great find!!