Thursday, February 7, 2013


The other night Nick was out to dinner for a work thing, so I got brave and took the kids to BW3's. Of course I had back up and Nick and Wendi were there too. This age (3 and 1) is really hard to go to restaurants, you never know when there is going to be a meltdown or craziness might explode. BW3's is a great place because it's loud, there are tv's everywhere for distraction and it's casual. Ellie and Jack were so good and didn't act crazy. I ordered Ellie a hotdog and it was so cute. I know it's weird to think of a hotdog as being cute, but it was.

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  1. Cole recently had a hotdog and it was cute too. :) We also took the boys to BW3s a while ago and you are right, it is a good place for kids - so noisy no one would ever notice a meltdown!