Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ellie's school visit and dentist!

Last Thursday, I got to spend the afternoon with Ellie. Her new preschool for next fall had an afternoon where the parents and kids could come for a couple hours to check out the classroom, meet the teachers and do some activities. We spent about 20 minutes in each classroom and danced, sang songs, made a penguin, had a snack, etc. It was fun to watch Ellie. She responds when someone is talking to her, but when they were dancing, she was only watching. At home she gets crazy and shows off her dance moves, but not at school :( Later that afternoon we went to the dentist. This was Ellie's second cleaning. She was a little hesitant half way through, because she heard the hygienist and I talking about her new teeth coming in. Ellie's been complaining that her teeth hurt and that is because she is starting to get her 4 new molars! She seemed scared and doesn't like the fact that she will get 'new' teeth. We got ice cream after the dentist, so all was good :)

I was able to get some cleaning in on Friday, but spent most of the day at home. By 5 o'clock I was ready to get out of the house, but had no where to go and no sitter. Which leads me to my next story.....

We were planning on having a sitter come on Sunday for a 'trial' day to see how Ellie and Jack would do and to show her our house and make sure we like her. The plan was for her to come at 10am. I anxiously waited by the window and Ellie was actually excited for someone to be coming over, even though she knew we would be leaving. By 10:30am, I decided to call her. Her voicemail isn't set up so I called her home phone. Her mom answered. Basically, she apologized and said she was suppose to call because her daughter wasn't feeling well. I was suspicious, but I was really nice and told her it wasn't a big deal because we were just testing it out since we've never had a babysitter. She explained that her daughter really wanted to babysit. I asked her if she had the flu. She said that it was hard to explain, but she is feeling really down and going through a hard time. RED FLAG. I said I would see her at school next week and she said she probably wouldn't be in until Thursday, but how she really enjoys working there because the kids really bring up her spirits. DOUBLE RED FLAG. So, I feel bad about whatever she is going through, but I can't have someone unstable watch my kids. She seems like a super nice girl, very artistically talented and is in choir, but something isn't right. Her mom seems like a weirdo too. Anyways. there are a couple other girls I could probably ask at Ellie's school. I'm just glad I found about this now and not later.

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