Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend recap

I'm loving this weather, but I think I spoke to soon last week. My hands and feet are a little swollen. It may be from the weather or it may be just because this is when my body feels like swelling. I haven't needed to take off my rings yet, but maybe soon :( I had to take them off with the last two pregnancies so I'm sure this won't be any different. This weekend was so perfect. My ideal weather is sunny and 70! This weather gave me the burst of energy I needed to start cleaning the upstairs closets and rooms to get Jack's new room ready. Of course Nick and the kids helped. We opened the windows and jumped right in. So, what we did was cleaned out the closet that contains some of my dress clothes, wedding dress box and all of my craft and paper stuff. I convinced Nick that I needed to keep a little area for myself because there just isn't any room in the house. He then got rid of a lot of his work things (papers, binders, medical products, etc.) and moved the rest in "our" closet. This room will now be Nick's office. The 'old' office will be Jack's room. This room is connected to the bathroom too. The next step is to move all the furniture to be stored in the basement. It's my old twin bed, full dresser with mirror and tall dresser. 

I'm super excited to go shopping this week to find some furniture for Jack's new room and maybe Ellie's. She's getting a new bed for sure, but I'm not sure what I'll do about a dresser for Jack yet. We also have to get some closet organizers for Jack's new closet. It's made up of basic shelves and rods that are really positioned awkwardly. I need to add drawers and shelving that can be used for a little boy.

On Saturday, my mom and I took Ellie to Japanese school. It was really fun as Ellie is starting to open up a little. I made her go to the front of the class a few times and she was so embarrassed but proud of herself. She's already picking up words!

We played outside after cleaning the upstairs and just didn't have time for a nap....

...well actually right before we were leaving to go eat dinner by Wendi and Nick's, this is what happened in a matter of minutes. We let them sleep for about 20 minutes before leaving. I guess this is what nice weather and no nap equals!

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