Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New beginnings

Yesterday was an emotional day filled with excitement, happiness, fear and sadness. I've worked at MGIC for 12 years. In these 12 years I've graduated from college, got engaged, married the love of my life, built our first home, adopted our first puppy, had 2 babies, conceived another baby, taught Web Design at a Technical College and created life long friends. Today I resigned to take on a new endeavor as a Web Applications Manager at a fast growing company less than 15 minutes from my home. I wasn't necessarily looking for anything at this moment (let's be honest, who's going to hire a pregnant girl?) but I have to say it was flattering to be sought out. I've been contacted by recruiters before, but I felt that this was different and I was curious. After the first interview I had a good feeling about it. After a few more meetings, the next thing I knew I was accepting an offer I couldn't refuse and putting in my two weeks. I can't explain the mixed feelings I have and maybe I'm more emotional because I'm pregnant. I just know this is right and I have to give it a try. I will have a few days off before I start but they want me ASAP since I will be on maternity leave. I'm grateful for everything that I've learned and all of the friends I've made. I'm excited to start my new job and to meet new people. Wish me luck!!


  1. so exciting! good luck! Great to be close to home!!

  2. Congratulations on being sought after - that's to be a great feeling! Best of luck with your new job!!!