Monday, April 8, 2013


I know I'm really behind on my posts, but I've been busy. Busy planning, busy making decisions and busy with life! This post is really picture heavy because sometimes a story is easy said with photos. Over Easter weekend, we had an outside Easter Hunt at Rani and Darren's. Jack and Ellie loved it. It was Jack's first time and he knew exactly what to do. Sometimes he does things like he's already done things before. Easter Sunday we had my family over for brunch and a little Easter Egg hunt in our basement. Ellie and Jack loved finding their baskets. We also painted Easter Eggs, which was so fun! Ellie is becoming a little crafty artist. When everyone was leaving, she basically kept coloring and putting stickers on her eggs and didn't even look up. This is unlike her because she usually walks you to the door and gives kisses good bye. Not this time, nope she was too busy decorating.

Jack and his friend, Avery (Kim's daughter)

All the kids right before the big hunt!

Opening a present from Wendi and Nick

Wendi, Nick and Silas

our family

coloring eggs

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