Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ellie and her glasses

Last night Ellie had her eye check up. She did so well and can see really well! Even better than me when we were doing the long-distance vision test. They had to dialate her eyes to check her prescription. It increased a little, but the doctor explained that it isn't a set back, but normal until she's about 6. It's sort of like a shoe size increasing. She said that either she'll grow out of it, it will level off or if she gets my far sighted gene, it could even out with her near sighted gene. Since insurance covers most of her frames and lenses, I decided to order a new pair. Otherwise she'd be without them for a couple weeks. I got the same purple ones, so she probably won't even notice. Her eye is getting better and I rarely see any crookedness when she's not wearing her glasses. When she's wearing them, it's never crooked. I'm so happy with the results and that we don't have to do surgery. We still get a lot of questions from other little kids asking why she has to wear them and if they are 'real'. I haven't been asked by an adult if they are real in a long time. It's amazing that some people think that parents would put fake glasses on a toddler. Seriously.  

Remember how little she was when she first got them!? She was only 1 1/2! I can't imagine Jack wearing glasses now. Luckily his vision is good so far :)


  1. Ellie looks so old in the chair! :)

  2. so great for Ellie! funny that you mention fake glasses because Ryter loves wearing glasses, but we don't like him to wear our real ones. usually he wears his sun glasses, but I've definitely thought of taking the lenses out of some cheap reading glasses for him. haha!!