Friday, March 11, 2011

Ellie's new look

Ellie finally has her new glasses. Doesn't she look smart!! :)  It's amazing how one little accessory can change the look of someone. I also gave her a little bang trim to go with her new look.  It's hard to tell, but her frames are a light pink with a little iridescent to them.  They also have a cute little elastic band around the back. Nick thinks she looks like a Harry Potter character. I told him that we'll have to go to the new Harry Potter theme park to show her what we mean.

She's been pretty good about wearing them. Sometimes she takes them off and runs away. It's a game to her, because she knows we'll chase her to put them back on. After her bath we usually don't put them back on and we can see a difference with her eyes and they do cross when she isn't wearing them.  This picture is from my Iphone, so it's a little fuzzy. I'll try to take some pictures with my camera this weekend.  I'm so glad it's friday!