Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby Equipment

So, I dragged Nick to Ikea last weekend. I just don't understand why he doesn't like to go to Schaumburg and fill up the car with neccessities. Actually, I was very good and we hardly bought anything! We did however buy a lot of food at Mitsuwa; because Ellie has to eat. My mom is mostly in charge of Ellie's food because she is home with her all day, so she eats a lot of Japanese food, which is wonderful, except she is only in the 15% of her weight and 80% for her height. This means she needs to eat more calorie'd foods. This is where I come in! Pudding pops, ice cream, peanut butter toast, cheese is just what she needs :)
Anways.... back to Ikea. I wanted to see their toddler beds in person. We are thinking of probably going that route with Ellie before the baby comes. These are the two I liked:

The Hensik and the Minnen.


While we were there, I spotted a woman with a newborn and a toddler, just about the same age that Ellie and the baby will be. So of course, I had to check out her situation and she was pushing the exact same stroller I've been eye balling for months!!  It's the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller that also allows another seat. So baby would be on top and Ellie will be in the front. There are so many different ways of using this stroller and you can also just use it as a single stroller too. The only downfall is the price. After you buy the stroller, connector for the car seat (we of course have a car seat) and the extra seat (you have to buy the extra seat in order to have the second seat because it comes with the connector pieces) it's about $600. Of course you cannot use any coupons at Buy Buy Baby or Babies R Us.  The annoying thing is Amazon's prices flucate and lately they've been really high. I don't get how this works.

I guess I need to decide if this is worth it and if we need it. I've looked at so many double strollers and this is the smallest, easiest to use and really nice since it can be used as a single.  See! Did I sell you? Don't you want one, even if you don't have kids!? We are having a rummage sale in May  (come buy some stuff!) and I actually just sold Ellie's 3 wheeler jogger stroller on craigslist, so I am building a stash for my our new stroller.

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