Monday, March 21, 2011

The weekend

This weekend flew by; like always! We had our bowling league on Friday and I haven't seen everyone for a few months. I got several questions asking me if I'm having twins. I must be pretty big :(
My cousin and her son visited on Saturday and brought her little puppy, Cooper. He jumped on Ellie because he wanted to give her kisses, but she was not happy about that. She was so scared! Lucy and Meeko leave her alone, so she wasn't use to the attention.  I planned on taking some pictures of Ellie with my camera, but it was so gloomy and I was lazy. I've been pretty bad at not using my camera. It's just so easy to use my phone.  I hope this week flies by, because we leave for Vegas on Sunday. Yup, pregnant and all. Nick's parents, brother and friend are going to be there, so I won't feel as guilty leaving Nick at the bar or blackjack table to go to bed at 8pm. Most people don't go to Vegas to catch up on sleep, but I am! haha. It will be nice to get away, but I'm going to miss Ellie!

Below are some pictures of Ellie. She looks so big to me. (sniffle, sniffle)

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