Monday, April 29, 2013

Last day...

I can't believe today is my last day at MGIC. It's very surreal. My co-workers threw me an after work party last week and yesterday they gave me a bunch of MGIC goodies and a beautiful orchid for my new desk. I'm going to miss so many friends. I'm going to miss driving to and from work with Wendi, Starbucks being a walk away, the gossip, the cafeteria, a (few) co-workers, and just the thought that I knew exactly what I was doing. With this new job brings new knowledge, new people and unknown things. I've never been so excited and so scared. Well, actually when I had Jack and Ellie I had these mixed feelings and this new baby will be the same. I have a few days off and the weekend to breathe, shop, clean and get mentally prepared. Monday is the big day!

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