Monday, May 6, 2013

New locks

How can anyone get mad at a face like Jack's!? Well I was extremely upset with him last week. He decided to unlock the garage door and sneak outside. It was only a few minutes before I heard Meeko barking and realized he was outside. Thank god Meeko barked. When I went flying out the door Jack was standing at the end of our driveway in the road. I was hysterical and ran to pick him up. This happened at 7:30 at night after our baths. I really spanked Jack and ignored him for awhile, but I was also mad at myself. My dad installed new locks the next day.


  1. So glad for Meeko too! We've been experiencing similar attempts to sneak out, but our locks are hard to open so it's just a matter of us locking the house when we're home.

  2. OMG - thank goodness for dogs! What a sneaky little guy. Makes me think I need to install some higher locks...and borrow your Dad, he really seems to get on those chores like a boss!