Monday, January 10, 2011

Exciting news!

Being sick has sucked, but I think I'm almost over this cold and luckily no one else has gotten it.  I have some exciting news! Ellie says "mama"!! She's been saying Ba-ba (my mom) and Dadda, daddy, did for awhile, but she has been saying Mama. Ellie now has a 3 word vocabulary. I mean, she does say a lot more, but we don't know what it is. She also hums or sings songs. It's mostly this Japanese song that she likes. It's her favorite on her Japanese music book.

Here is Ellie with her Japanese music book. She loves it, hence the black tape... she ripped half of it off (apparently she didn't need the book part of it, just the music buttons.)

Not a very good picture of either of us. It's the only recent one I have and I'm still learning how to use my camera.

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