Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ellie turns 5!

I can't believe my little Ellie is 5 years old already! We celebrated her birthday on July 19th, the day before her real birth - day. Lots of family and friend and lots of fun. This year, I wasn't pregnant, so I was able to host and plan all of the festivities. I think Ellie had a lot of fun and loved being center of attention. She got WAY too many gifts. We are still going through and opening them - a month later. It's kinda cool to enjoy them slowly rather than use them all at once. Lots of Frozen and Hello Kitty stuff. Of course she wanted a "Frozen" birthday party, so that is what we did! It's actually pretty hard to find Frozen decorations. It's so popular now and will probably be again during winter and come Christmas.


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