Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reading time

Nick and I have tried really, really hard to read to Ellie. I'm not sure if she is just a great multi-tasker or if she is really good at ignoring us.  This is how it typically goes at night time. Nick sits in the chair attempts to hold her, but she wiggles out. She shuts her bedroom doors and begins to play with everything in her room. You would think she'd want to settle down and relax after her bath - NOPE she's a busy-body.

In this picture, Nick is reading Charlotte's Web and Ellie is busy looking in the diaper genie.

Here she is looking at another book.
Here she is with her brush and shapes toy.
And again with her shapes....
Meeko listening to story time though!
Moving her Owl pillow.
And she really likes to pose.

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  1. Funny. We are starting to run into ths problem with Cole. He used to snuggle in and listen. Now it is all wiggles and interest in anything BUT the story!