Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We got a pool!

The 4th of July weekend was so nice! I had 6 days off in a row.  So, we finally got a pool. Now, it's not as big as I wanted, but it's a good size for Ellie to walk in and Meeko to drink out of.  I bet you were expecting a REAL pool. HAHA! Gotcha. Well, we will never get a pool, because Nick "said so". I've accepted it and am okay with it. They are expensive to heat and can be dangerous. I have more updates on Ellie's room, the zoo and her first night in her new bedroom. I'll post soon........

Here are some random pictures over that last couple of days.

Here Ellie is with a packet of Curry. She carried it around all day. I'm just glad it didn't break open. It would have been spicy.

This is at Pewaukee Lake. We felt a little out of place because we didn't have our swim suits with us, so we just people watched. That was interesting. Almost like being at the State Fair!

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