Friday, December 13, 2013

My Papaya

Maya is growing SO fast, TOO fast.  Here is an update:

  • 15 weeks!
  • Still not sleeping through the night! She gets up usually around 1am and 4am ish.
  • Starting to 'talk' and coo a lot.
  • Loves when Ellie talks to her.
  • Wants to be held (a lot). Grandpa Frank spoiled her when they babysat for 3 weeks.
  • Has some really dry skin :(
  • Is sporting a cute little mullet - her hair in the back of her head rubbed away, but she still has hair near her neck!
  • Wears 6 months clothes!
  • Loves her nukie.
  • Ellie and I call her Maya Papaya or just Papaya.
  • Jack just started saying Baby Maya, he use to call her Baby Yoyo!
  • Nick calls her Poopaya.
  • She is such a happy baby :)

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