Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I'm almost embarrassed to write a post because it's been so long. I'm such a slacker... at least when it comes to this blog. The kids, work, and everyday life has just kept me so busy!

9:45 PM is usually when I finally sit down and get into bed. This is after a long night with the kids. It's actually only about 5 hours, but it seems long because there is so much going on... dinner, playing, Dora, baths/showers, feeding Maya, picking up the house, making lunches for the next day, some laundry, some work email, catching up with Nick, brushing teeth, reading 101+ books (this may be exaggerated by 10 or so), and the oh so convincing Ellie and Jack to go 'night-night'. Sometimes Ellie is still playing in her room, but usually she's 'wrapping' it up at this time. I usually read Jack 7 books while he and Elmo and Maya are sitting on my lap. Ellie is usually coming in and out of Jack's room being annoying, but cute. Once I get Jack in bed, he may or may not come out once or twice while I'm in Ellie's room reading her 101+ books. Again, this number could be off by a few, but it's pretty accurate. It's gotten to the point where when she is not looking I will grab some books that I don't think she would notice and throw them under her bed. I know that sounds really mean, but if you saw the pile of books you would be sick to your stomach too. After this, Ellie usually plays in her room for about 45 minutes to an hour. She usually sets up her 'babies' and has an ice cream party or reading time. It's super cute and it works out well, cause then I usually give Maya a bath and get other things done. It sure beats fighting with her to lay in her bed. She loves this time playing and being the boss of all these babies.

Ellie and her ice cream party with her babies.

Jack in his big boy bed!

Since Jack decided to climb out of his bed a couple of times now, I thought it would be a good idea to take his front railing off of his crib. Walla! It's now a big boy toddler bed! He was so excited and loved posing with his good friend Elmo.

Now when he gets out by himself, he can get back in by himself :)

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