Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kisses and fixes

Here's an adorable picture of Meeko and Ellie. They are getting ready to go outside to watch Dad cut the grass. Meeko is starting to actually like Ellie a little and give her kisses once and awhile. ( that may be because she has rice on her chin or other food particles, but it's still a kiss! )

BTW - I fixed my video camera! Yay for me! I did a little research and ended up reformatting the hard drive. Although we lost Ellie's video from her first birthday, state fair and the zoo, I'm glad it works. I will have to be more strict about backing up the camera. Now that we don't have to buy a new video camera, I just might have to buy another gadget - I'm thinking an Itouch to watch movies when we go to Arizona in November. I'm getting a little nervous about the airplane ride. Nick and I are so excited to take Ellie on her first trip, but scared as heck. I hope we can handle it. In the mean time, I will try to do some research on how to make the ride smooth:)

Any other ideas on a good gadget to watch movies?? Something small that can go in a pocket or purse, but big enough to enjoy.

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